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LING 2420 3.0 - Language and Culture

LING 2420 3.0 - Language and Culture

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AP/LING 2420 3.00

Language and Culture

This course investigates the relationship between language and culture by exploring analyses of language use in social interaction in both Western and non-Western societies. It investigates the role of language in marking social difference and social change, along dimensions such as gender, ethnicity, class, and religion. It does so by investigating questions about universal versus culture-specific aspects of language structure, language use, and beliefs about language. Drawing on research in linguistic anthropology and sociolinguistics, topics that are investigated include: language acquisition and socialization, language ideology, language and thought, language endangerment, indexicality and performativity.

Prerequisite(s): none


Cross-listed to ANTH 2420 3.0