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LING 2430 3.0 - Language Power and Persuasion

LING 2430 3.0 - Language Power and Persuasion

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AP/LING 2430 3.00

Language Power and Persuasion

This course investigates the role of language in creating and maintaining power asymmetries in society, focusing in particular on the covert ways in which language may help to "persuade" individuals to accept existing power structures as natural and justified. Various types of oral discourse are analyzed to determine the means by which participants create and maintain dominance, power and status.

Media discourse is examined to explore how ideology is conveyed through linguistic choices. Specific topics include: the relationship between linguistic structure and thought, language ideology, political discourse, legal discourse, cross-cultural discourse, and classroom discourse. Practical applications of discourse analysis are also discussed. The course is of interest to students in linguistics, sociology, political science, education, and anthropology.

FORMAT: One 2-hour lecture and one 1-hour tutorial hour weekly.

PREREQUISITES: None. 30 spaces reserved for Linguistics majors.