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LING 2450 3.0 - Language and the Law

LING 2450 3.0 - Language and the Law

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AP/LING 2450 3.00

Language and the Law

This course explores ways in which linguistics can shed light on language use in the legal system. The course is divided into four sections:
1. the origins and special characteristics of written legal language, including a discussion of problems caused by legal language used in instructions to juries;
2. spoken language in the courtroom, including the role of courtroom discursive practices in constructing and constituting power relations among judges, lawyers and clients;
3. linguistic and cultural diversity in the legal system, including discussions of bilingual law and of approaches to translation in legal settings;
4. linguistics in the courtroom; linguists as consultants and expert witnesses in areas such as voice identification, trademark law and establishing authorship of written and spoken confessions.
The course is of particular interest to students in linguistics, law and society and anthropology.
FORMAT: One 2-hour lecture and one 1-hour tutorial weekly.