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Graduate with a Degree and a Certificate

Graduate with a Degree and a Certificate

  • Are you a York student looking to enhance your degree?
  • Are you unsure what electives to select for your major?
  • Are you looking to get hands-on field work experience before you graduate?
  • Have you graduated and want to upgrade your skills or knowledge?

If you answered, yes, to any of these questions then the Black Canadian Studies Certificate is a perfect addition to your current program of study or work.

The Certificate allows you to apply 24 credits outside your major to a concentration in Black Canadian Studies that you can leverage to enhance your readiness for a range of careers in education, social work, youth work, law, business, advertising, media and the creative arts. And, the great news is that these are credits you would need to take as electives to complete your program anyway. Put your electives to great use and graduate with a degree and certificate together.

If you are a mature student who already has a degree, but you would like to enhance or refresh your knowledge and training, the Certificate is also tailor-made for you. The requirements are easy to complete as a full-time student in one year and funding is available if you need it. You may also take it part-time while you work, as many of our classes are in the evenings.

Come join a great community of diverse students and awesome faculty and take your university experience to another level.