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Global Political Studies

Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Honours

Get the tools to answer the big questions.

How does world trade affect politics in different countries and the balance of rich and poor nations?

How does the Internet affect diplomacy and social movements? In Global Political Studies, you will develop strategies to think critically about how global, national, and local politics interact, and more.

Studying with internationally renowned instructors, you'll learn diverse ways of thinking about 'the global' and globalization, as well as political community; diversity and inequality; and transformations in global, regional and domestic politics. You'll study power and its abuses, and war and conflict, but also rights and responsibilities and democratic possibilities.

You'll be encouraged to engage your peers in open discussions about some of the world's most contentious political issues. We aim to empower you, as you study how people act politically to create change.

What you’ll learn

  • Develop the ability to express yourself through written work that is informed and analytical.
  • Gain solid communication skills through presentations, classroom debate and group projects.
  • Think critically about social and economic issues within the framework of global politics with new double major and major-minor degree options available from Fall 2021.
  • Understand what shapes international and national political scenes in Canada and abroad.

Hands-on experiences

  • Specialize in global political studies through new core courses focused on 'the global' and globalization, available from Fall 2021. Combine this with courses in international relations and in comparative world politics, chosen based on your interests and career aspirations.
  • Our graduates have a distinctive presence in politics and government, international organizations, law, media, academia and the private sector.

The best thing about Global Political Studies is that this program made me more conscious about the world around me. When I first began my studies, every class and paper made me question my naïve political beliefs and recognize my biases. However, gradually I learned to navigate through the sea of ideas, theories, and facts. I developed my own interests and gained a deeper understanding of how power shapes my reality. Today this knowledge helps me recognize causes of injustices and inspires me to live a more ethical life every day.

— Aibakyt Baekova
Alumna, Global Political Studies

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