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As a hub for global engagement and academic partnerships, the Office of International Collaborations and Partnerships (OICP) hosts an array of exciting events and opportunities throughout the academic year. Read about our event highlights below, watch the videos of past events we’ve hosted and look through our event photos.

OICP Event Highlights

Event DateInstitutionHighlights
December 20, 2023TOEFL ETS"Explore Science - Data Science" hosted by Mingming Li and Gina Quan, featured students Pak Kiu Ching and Lui On Yi as esteemed panelists.
December 1, 2023Queen's Elite AcademyOICP welcomed students and school counselors from Queen's Elite Academy to join an exclusive Science Tour.
November 26-30, 2023Canadian Bureau for International EducationMingming Li will represent the Faculty of Science at the Canada’s International Education conference and explore more global engagement opportunities.
October 30-31, 2023Canada China Business CouncilHugo Chen is invited to attend the CCBC 2023 Canadian Education Mission to China and will be one of the panelists to speak at the Canadian Education Forum.
October 20, 2023Guangdong University of  Foreign Studies, ChinaHugo Chen will join York International to welcome Guangdong University of Foreign Studies to explore the Faculty of Science.
October 20, 2023University of Campinas, BrazilHugo Chen will collaborate with York International for a meeting with University of Campinas from Brazil.
October 18, 2023SuOn AcademyMingming Li will represent the Faculty of Science at the 2023 SuOn Academy University Fair.
October 18, 2023Saltus Grammar School, BermudaOICP team leads a Science Tour for a group of students from Saltus Grammar School from Bermuda.
October 16, 2023NOIC AcademyHugo Chen and Mingming Li were invited to attend the 2023 NOIC Academy Opening Ceremony.
October 12, 2023York InternationalOICP and GLYS members represented the Faculty of Science at the Global Learning Fair on campus.
October 4, 2023York UniversityOICP team joined in Trees Planting and celebrated York Spirit Day on Keele campus.
September 29, 2023Ningbo Foreign Language School, ChinaGina Quan and Amna Imran extended a warm welcome to delegations from Ningbo Foreign Language School for a Science Tour.
September 26, 2023Ace Acumen AcademyMingming Li and Gina Quan were honoured to present an engaging Info-Session at Ace Acumen Academy, offering insights into the Faculty of Science's programs and services.
September 1, 2023Mahidol University, ThailandHugo Chen joined York International to meet with the delegations from Mahidol University and introduce the Faculty of Science as well as the programs.
July 26, 2023Shanghai UniversityOICP hosted 13 students from Shanghai University to engage in an educational collaboration.
July 25, 2023 IB Global Conference 2023 - CCBCHugo Chen was invited to participate in the CCBC Roundtable Focus Group and Warm-up Event for the IB Global Conference 2023 on July 25-26.
July 25, 2023 York Science SDGs Summer Camp2023 York Science SDGs Summer Camp for Global Leaders of York Science.
July 18, 2023 Rosedale International EducationRosedale International Education delegations visited the OICP to explore collaboration opportunities and meet with staff and students.
June 30, 2023Seameo-Retrac, VietnamHugo Chen joined York International to explore collaboration and partnership opportunities with Seameo-Retrac delegations from Vietnam.
June 27, 2023 Warwick AcademyThe OICP welcomed prospective students who were interested in Biochemistry, Statistics, and Biomedical Science from Warwick Academy (Bermuda). 
May,2023Life Science Ontario Awards GalaUndergraduate students, Chenyang Yue and Arghavan Sammak Moghaddam, also members of the Global Leaders of York Science, were selected to attend the Life Science Ontario Awards Gala; their table was sponsored by Moderna.
March 13, 2023APAIEChen and Li represented the Faculty of Science at the Asia-Pacific Association for International Education 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand.
March, 2023Global Affairs Canada Scholarships Selection CommitteeHugo Chen and Mingming Li served on 2023-2024 Global Affairs Canada Scholarships Selection Committee.
March, 2023Asia-Pacific Association for International Education 2023Hugo Chen and Mingming Li represented the Faculty of Science at the Asia-Pacific Association for International Education 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand. Over 2,700 colleagues from 65 countries/regions attend the conference and exhibition.
February, 2023Chinese Ambassador VisitInvited by York International, Hugo Chen facilitated a student seminar during Chinese Ambassador, Mr. Cong Peiwu’s, visit to York University.
January, 2023Global Leaders of York Science (GLYS)Hugo Chen, Mingming Li and Arghavan Sammak Moghaddam hosted an orientation for the second intake of Global Leaders of York Science.

Virtual Event Recordings

TOEFL ETS Center - Explore Science - Data Science (Dec, 2023)

Recording of the "Explore Science - Data Science" session in December 2023.

Study STEM Webinar recording

Recording of the "Study STEM" webinar.

Virtual Open House – Explore Science - Biology (Nov 23, 2023)

Recording of the "Explore Science - Biology" session presented at the Virtual Open House in November 2023.

Virtual Open House – Explore Science - Data Science (Nov 23, 2023)

Recording of the "Explore Science - Data Science" session presented at the Virtual Open House in November 2023.

Science Information Session for NOIC Academy - November 2023

The Office of International Partnerships and Collaborations in the Faculty of Science, York University, presented an information session to the NOIC Academy.

York Science SDGs Summer Camp - Summer 2023

Recording of the York Science SDGs Summer Camp for members for the Global Leaders of York Science.

International Students Orientation - Winter 2022

Recording of the Winter 2021 Orientation, welcoming international students.

Signing Ceremony - December 2021

Recording of the signing ceremony between UNIST School of Natural Science (South Korea) and York University, Faculty of Science (Canada) in December 2021.

Science Information Session - October 2021

Recording of the Science Information Session in Mathematics and Statistics Programs, presented by Dr. Stephen Watson in October 2021.

Introduction to Biology & Its Career Outcomes - September 2021

Recording of the Introduction to Biology and its Career Outcomes event, presented by Dr. Robert Tsushima in September 2021.

International Students Orientation - Fall 2021

Recording of the Fall 2021 Orientation, welcoming international students.

Student Testimonials at our Events

Incoming students

"My best experience at York University is discovering a new aspect of university, especially life on campus. Indeed, it is very huge, and you can eat, do groceries, go to the dentist in the campus, and it is very useful. I really enjoy the courses I took, even if I didn’t like them when I study them in France, I have learnt a new way of study, I use to not listen in class, but in York, I’ve learnt to, and it will help me in the future. I really like Faculty of Science, the teachers I had were very good, I really like the way of learning, it changes from France, indeed, we are “forced” to study our lessons for midterms or assignments, so it helps us assimilate better, which is not the same in my home institution. I feel like I’ve more understand the subject here than in France."

- Sophey Luy

(Faculté de Pharmacie de Marseille) 

Holiday gift event

"My best experience at YorkU would be the coffee breaks arranged by York International as that is when I got the chance to meet people from all parts of the world.

The experience of learning about another culture was truly the most meaningful thing I brought with me from my study at YorkU. The chance for me to make so many friends from different parts of the world also helps me broaden my scope of the world. In turn, it also helps me appreciate the little things I overlook in my home country.

York University truly has some of the most diverse crowd of students, beyond race and cultures. It is a place where one can truly be exposed to different communities if one so seeks them out.

I also had the chance to study various Chemistry course in the Faculty of Science and the course content are highly relevant and engaging, especially CHEM 4080."

-Jie An Chong

(Nanyang Technology University)

Holiday gift event

"I’ve met people from all across the world in my exchange and get to learn so much new culture and food. The most memorable one was trying out Ethiopian food for the first time, it was really amazing, and to have my Ethiopian friend explaining what everything is, how it’s done back at his home just adds to the experience like no other."

Weiyu Wang

(National University of Singapore/Exchange Student 2022-2023)


Events Pictures