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Academic Honesty

Is your work your own? This is the question at the base of most academic honesty matters. It is fundamental to the University since when you graduate the University is saying you have learned a certain set of knowledge and have acquired certain abilities.

Of course, you read the work of others – including books, journal articles, other student’s lab reports, and so on – but in producing your own work, you must write in your own words, and you must identify the source of ideas you are writing about through citations and a reference list (or whatever method your professor has asked).

Further Information:

Getting Advice:

The Office of the Associate Dean, Students provides advice to students facing academic honesty proceedings. Simply make an appointment through the Office of the Dean.

Students may have representation, be it for personal support or for legal advice, at the exploratory meeting and at a panel hearing.

Contact the Office of the Dean in person (355 Lumbers) or via phone at 416-736-5051.