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Money Matters

Money Matters is where current students can find important financial information related to their degree.

Managing your finances as a university student can be a challenging feat. At York students can be eligible for a variety of scholarships, awards and bursaries.

The Money Matters section will provide you with information on financial services that outline the methods available for registering, paying course fees, and finding suitable funding options. The Student Financial Services office helps students navigate the various financial procedures so be sure to contact them for assistance.

Scholarship recipients are selected largely on the basis of outstanding academic achievement. Academic excellence and financial need are the primary criteria for an award. There are a number of scholarships and awards available to assist undergraduate students with meeting the costs of university education.

Visit the Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries website.

A bursary is an award based on financial need, which does not have to be paid back once you have completed your studies. There are requirements, both academic and non-academic, that must be fulfilled in order to be granted the award. To apply for a bursary at York, you must already have been admitted.

Bursaries and awards are granted on the basis of student financial need, with some consideration given to academic progress. Some awards will have additional criteria which you can find on the individual award descriptions.

Visit the Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries website.

Students interested in seeking government assistance in university can find information on student loans and grants on the Student Aid section of the Student Financial Services website.

Information on the registration deposit, fees, online statements, tuition payment methods and various types of financial assistance is available on the fees section of the Student Financial Services website.

For most undergraduate courses a portion of the tuition fee may be refunded when a student withdraws from a course before certain dates. More information on the refund process can be found on the refunds section of the Student Financial Services website. Students who wish to request a refund are informed that refunds are made in the form of a cheque and emailed to the updated address as outlined on the student’s financial profile.

The Student Financial Profile or the SFP, is an important tool by which students can seek eligibility for scholarships, bursaries, and gaining employment on campus or through Research at York (RAY), Work/Study, College Life at York (CLAY) and York Engaged Students (YES). Remember to apply here now, if you wish to take advantage of these opportunities.

The Work/Study Program at York University provides eligible undergraduate students (domestic and international) with the opportunity to develop professional skills and contribute to the university through paid, on-campus employment opportunities. Students seeking employment on York University can visit the Work/Study Program website. There are a variety of York employment positions on campus.