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Step 1: Join the Science Community

Welcome to the official Science Community! This is the official online community for the incoming science class of 2021 and is supported by current student leaders, Science Recruitment Coordinators, and staff from the Faculty of Science who are excited to support and guide you as you begin your academic journey.

In the Science Community you will be able to ask questions about the Faculty of Science and your program, watch Virtual Information Sessions, meet other future York Lions, and connect with current staff and students in the Faculty of Science. We'll be active on the community from 8:30am-4:30pm (EST) Monday - Friday and more sporadically other times.

Please note that this online community is intended as a positive space for incoming York Science students only. Please, no spam (e.g. selling, referral links, unrelated campaigns) as it will be deleted and you may be removed from the community. Any behaviours that are against York's ethos of community, inclusivity, and respect will be removed; this includes hate speech of any kinds, personal attacks, vulgarity, ad profanity. Offenders will be warned or removed.

Please note, the Science Community is for incoming and prospective students only. If you are a current student and have questions or need academic advice, please contact Science Academic Services at