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Program Requirements

The official requirements for your degree are found in the University Calendar. The calendar also details the rules, regulations, policies and procedures that will govern your studies at York.

It is important that you become familiar with all the requirements for your degree. They depend on the year you began your program. If you changed your program or stopped out for a year or more the start year changes accordingly.

All programs have the following key components:

General Education
The major requirements
Upper-Level requirements
Electives for BA programs; breadth in science for BSc programs
Free choice courses

Programs also include GPA requirements:

Honours programs generally require an overall cumulative GPA of at least 5.0 to graduate (some require a higher OCGPA); and Bachelors programs require an OCGPA of at least 4.0 to graduate. Rules concerning academic standing are intended to ensure that students meet these GPA requirements by the end of their program.

The Faculty of Science has a number of services to help you understand your degree requirements and plan your studies. Degree Checklists, which layout your degree requirements and the various required credit totals, are available from Science Academic Services (SAS). The SAS office also offers Degree Audits. Your home department can also provide Advising and assistance.