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AXA Research Fund: Building Resilience Against Systemic Cyber Risk

Opportunity NameBuilding Resilience Against Systemic Cyber Risk
AgencyAXA Research Fund
ValueUp to €150,000
Indirect CostsIneligible
Duration9 to 18 months
Notify SIRI and FSc RO at of interest01-15-2024
Application due to SIRI for full review02-05-2024
Application and fully signed ORS checklist due to FSc RO at for mandatory review02-08-2024
Final application and fully signed ORS checklist due to SIRI for mandatory review02-13-2024
Application due at agency 02-15-2024

To improve the understanding of economic resilience against cyber catastrophes (including around strengthening protection, reducing impact and improving recovery protocols). Project teams will be required to make choices around specific cyber catastrophe scenarios as well as the methodology used.

The results of the work should contribute to industries and societies understanding of economic and business resilience against certain cyber risk scenarios by providing inputs on how to assess resilience and suggest best ways to improve it.

  • Funding recipients need to be academic institutions which can either apply as:
    • Sole Applicant (one academic institution); or
    • Consortium Applicant (collaboration amongst two or more academic institutions)
  • Project Proposals must always be led by ONE Principal Investigator who is nominated by the institution leading the application process.
  • Application from academic institutions across the globe are accepted.
  • Academic institutions are the only eligible direct beneficiaries which may receive funding under this call.
  • Private companies, NGOs, governmental bodies, foundations, independent research centers, cultural institutions (such as museums), and hospitals are not eligible as direct beneficiaries.
  • However, due to the applied nature of the funding, it is possible for academic institutions to collaborate and partner with other organizations from public and private sectors. The non-academic institutions can be listed as associated partners and may receive part of the funding from the institution, agreed upon within each proposal's ownset-ups.

How to Apply

As York is only able to submit one application, an internal adjudication process will be undertaken if necessary. All interested applicants must notify their Faculty Research Office and the Strategic and Institutional Research Initiatives (SIRI) team of their interest.

Notification of interest to apply will consist of a 1-page project description, including details around any collaborating institutions, and the Principal Investigator’s most recent CV (in any format). A committee from the leadership of the Office of the Vice President Research & Innovation (VPRI) will review the submitted materials to rank applications should it be necessary. 

The SIRI Unit in the Office of Research Services, in collaboration with the corresponding Faculty Research Office, will be supporting the development of applications selected to go forward. Abby Vogus (, Strategic and Institutional Research Initiatives Specialist, will be available to assist your office and your faculty members with any questions regarding the internal and external application processes.

For specific questions, please contact FSc Research Services at