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Mitacs Accelerate Special Call

Opportunity NameAccelerate Program (Special Offers)
Value$15,000 per internship unit (IU): $5,000 partner contribution + $10,000 Mitacs contribution; or
$17,500 per internship unit (IU): $7,500 partner contribution + $10,000 Mitacs contribution
Indirect CostsTBD
DurationFlexible and will depend on the needs of the project
Application due to FSc RO at for full review10 business days before agency submission
Application and fully signed ORS checklist due to FSc RO at for mandatory review5 business days before agency submission
Final application and fully signed ORS checklist due at ORS for mandatory review2 business days before agency submission, by 9:00AM
Application due at agency Anytime, until February 9, 2024

Mitacs-Accelerate is a graduate research internship program which connects graduate students and post-docs in any discipline at Canadian Universities with companies through short to medium-term research projects which address a company need. 

The specific objective of this special call is to boost the support of businesses in the following key economic sectors: 

  • Agriculture, Agri-food and Aquaculture 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Quantum Technologies
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Biomanufacturing, Biotechnology, and Life & Health Sciences 
  • Clean Technology 


This call is subject to the following conditions: 

  1. Only available under the Accelerate program, excluding Accelerate International. 
  2. Offer is available for new submissions only. 
  3. All applications must include named interns to be considered. Maximum of 6 (six) discounted internship units per named intern at the time of submission. Interns can have more than 6 internship units. However, any additional units beyond the first 6 will be at standard funding. 
  4. Standard funding will apply for any unnamed (To Be Determined: “TBD”) internship units. TBD internship units will not be eligible for this special offer. Once students are identified, they remain at standard funding. 
  5. Total limit of 50 IUs per project (including discounted and standard funding internship units). 
  6. Post-submission and in-project changes to internship dates and intern replacements will be allowed for the discounted and standard funding units. No additional internship units will be discounted following submission. 
  7. Deadline to apply is February 9, 2024. Offer will end on February 9, 2024, or when Mitacs have reached a total number of 3,000 internship units across all eligible sectors included in these special offers, whichever occurs first. Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  8. If your project is found to not meet the eligibility criteria for this special offer, Mitacs may be able to approve it under our standard funding model. 

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying to this competition, please contact Rachel Sung, Mitacs Business Development Specialist at 

Post-docs should contact Kim McIntyre, Post-doctoral Services Coordinator, at or extension 22993, once they have approval from Mitacs to submit an application.

York University researchers are reminded that all applications for external research funding, including Letters of Intent, must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Research Services before they are submitted to the granting agency.  For internal approval, the application must be accompanied by a completed ORS Checklist, which requires the Dean’s signature.  Please send the complete application, with the finalized budget and a completed ORS checklist to, five days prior to agency deadline.

ORS is accepting electronic applications – the process is outlined here.

For specific questions, please contact FSc Research Services at