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Mitacs and MHRC Mental Health Impact Studentships

Opportunity NameMental Health Impact Studentships
AgencyMitacs, Mental Health Research Canada, and Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation
Indirect CostsIneligible
Duration4 – 6 months (with potential for renewal)

Stage 1:

Preliminary application due to FSc RO at for full review08-15-2022
Preliminary application and fully signed ORS checklist due to FSc RO at for mandatory review08-22-2022
Final preliminary application and fully signed ORS checklist due at ORS for mandatory review08-25-2022, by 9:00AM
Preliminary application due at agency (MHRC)08-29-2022, by 11:59PM

Stage 2 (by invitation only):

Mitacs Accelerate application due to FSc RO at for full review10-07-2022
Mitacs Accelerate application and fully signed ORS checklist due to FSc RO at for mandatory review10-17-2022
Final Mitacs Accelerate application and fully signed ORS checklist due at ORS for mandatory review10-20-2022, by 9:00AM
Mitacs Accelerate application due at agency (Mitacs)10-24-2022
  • To support the next generation of mental health researchers and to ensure that Masters', PhD and college students are actively engaged in innovative, useful and relevant mental health research.
  • To narrow the gap between research and its impact on end-users.
  • To strengthen relationships between community mental health service providers and academia through collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • To contribute to the development of a more accessible and impactful mental health system in Canada.

Students will share their time between academic institutions and community service providers, tying together their research with the end-users to ensure the project is tailored to and appropriate for that community’s needs and people with lived experience. 

All projects must have clear potential for impact to the studied population, and therefore must partner with a community service provider and integrate the insights of people with lived experience into each stage of their project. 


Eligible students must be:

  • A Canadian citizen and/or permanent resident;
  • Enrolled in a Masters, College or PhD program at an accredited Canadian University or College with a background in psychology or related field;
  • Seeking to conduct a mental health research project in collaboration with both an academic supervisor and an eligible community partner (see call for proposals).
    • Preference will be given to projects addressing the unique needs of diverse and/or vulnerable populations in Canada

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying to this competition, please contact Rachel Sung, Mitacs Business Development Specialist at 

York University researchers are reminded that all applications for external research funding, including Letters of Intent, must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Research Services before they are submitted to the granting agency.  For internal approval, the application must be accompanied by a completed ORS Checklist, which requires the Dean’s signature.  Please send the complete application, with the finalized budget and a completed ORS checklist to, five days prior to agency deadline.

ORS is accepting electronic applications – the process is outlined here.

For specific questions, please contact your FSc Research Officer

Stefanie Bernaudo
Research Officer
(Biology, Physics & Astronomy, Science & Technology Studies)

Phoebe Tsz-Wai Chan
Research Officer
(Chemistry, Mathematics & Statistics)