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NDCN Collaborative Pairs Pilot Project Awards

Opportunity NameCollaborative Pairs Pilot Project Awards
AgencyChan Zuckerberg Initiative
Indirect CostsEligible at 15%
Duration18 months

Letter of Intent (LOI)

LOI due to FSc RO at for full review06-08-2023
LOI and fully signed ORS checklist due to FSc RO at for mandatory review06-15-2023
LOI and fully signed ORS checklist due at ORS for mandatory review06-20-2023, by 9:00AM (EST)
LOI due at agency 06-22-2023, by 5:00PM (PST)

Final application

Application due to FSc RO at for full review08-30-2023
Application and fully signed ORS checklist due to FSc RO at for mandatory review09-07-2023
Final application and fully signed ORS checklist due at ORS for mandatory review09-12-2023, by 9:00AM (EST)
Application due at agency 09-14-2023, by 5:00PM (PST)

The Collaborative Pairs Pilot Project Awards RFA is focused on foundational and mechanistic basic science investigations. Building on and expanding from the successful foundations of the Neurodegeneration Challenge Network, applications may address fundamental questions related to the cellular, molecular or circuit mechanisms of neurodegenerative disease or areas of fundamental neuroscience beyond neurodegenerative disease. This expanded RFA scope includes basic investigations into the cellular, molecular and circuit mechanisms of memory and cognition and the neuroscience of sleep. We particularly encourage proposals where there is potential for complementarity or synergy with our existing work in the Neurodegeneration Challenge Network and/or other CZI program areas.

This is explicitly not a translational or clinical development RFA. Nonetheless, successful projects should be grounded in human biology, disease pathology, or fundamental principles of nervous system function such that the outputs of these efforts will ultimately provide new avenues and rigorous foundations for future translational and clinical development work.

  • Applications may be submitted by domestic and foreign non-profit organizations; public and private institutions, such as colleges, universities, hospitals, laboratories, units of state and local governments; and eligible agencies of the federal government.
    • For-profit organizations are not eligible.
    • All grants will be awarded to institutions, not individuals.
  • Collaborations should include two principal investigators (PIs). There will be opportunities to work across collaborative projects, but each collaboration will be limited to two PIs.
    • All applicants must hold a PhD, MD, or equivalent degree and have an academic faculty position or equivalent independent investigator status at a college, university, medical school or other research facility.

How to Apply

York University researchers are reminded that all applications for external research funding, including Letters of Intent, must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Research Services before they are submitted to the granting agency.  For internal approval, the application must be accompanied by a completed ORS Checklist, which requires the Dean’s signature.  Please send the complete application, with the finalized budget and a completed ORS checklist to, five days prior to agency deadline.

ORS is accepting electronic applications – the process is outlined here.

For specific questions, please contact FSc Research Services at