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NSERC Alliance Consortia Quantum Grants

Opportunity NameAlliance Consortia Quantum Grants
AgencyNSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada)
Value$500,000 – $1,000,000/year
Indirect CostsIneligible
Duration3 – 5 years
Application due to SIRI for full review*10-06-2023
Application and fully signed ORS checklist due to FSc RO at for mandatory review10-06-2023
Final application and fully signed ORS checklist due to SIRI for mandatory review10-12-2023
Application due at agency 10-16-2023

*Please note that if the Quantum application involves one or more partner organizations from the private sector, the completion of the
NSERC National Security Guidelines for Research Partnerships Risk Assessment Form is required. The fully completed Risk Assessment Form is submitted to Suraj Shah ( by the Faculty Research Office together with a draft of the application. Suraj Shah (Innovation York) will review the plan and provide feedback to the Faculty Research Office. Turn-around time will be two weeks. 


Alliance Consortia Quantum grants support the development of large-scale domestic research collaborations in quantum science and technology by enhancing synergy across Canada ’s regional quantum research and innovation hubs, with the additional aim to connect with industrial applications and government needs.  

Your proposal may address any challenges in quantum science, but its thrust must aim to advance one or more of the
NQS missions through the development of any of the following areas of quantum technologies, or a combination thereof: 

  • Quantum algorithms/encryption 
  • Quantum communications 
  • Quantum computing 
  • Quantum materials 
  • Quantum sensing 

Proposals may also synergistically couple any of these quantum technology thrusts to other research topics in the natural sciences and engineering. Proposals must be for projects that require a large-scale coordinated approach, beyond any one of Canada's regional quantum hubs, to develop and apply quantum technologies that will benefit Canada. Proposals may focus on areas of sectoral growth, or they may address major national challenges. They may span theory and experiment, and foster collaborations across quantum research areas. 


If you are a Canadian university researcher who is eligible to receive NSERC funds, you can apply with a team of co-applicants who are also eligible academic researchers.

Your research team must include eligible academic researchers from universities located in two or more of Canada's regional quantum research and innovation hubs. The team may also involve eligible academic researchers from universities outside these hubs.

The regional quantum research and innovation hubs are the following geographic areas:

  • Greater Vancouver area, British Columbia
  • Calgary-Edmonton corridor, Alberta
  • Waterloo-Toronto-Ottawa corridor, Ontario
  • Montreal-Sherbrooke-Quebec City corridor, Quebec

How to Apply

To signal your intent to apply and to book a one-on-one meeting, please contact Christina Corre, Strategic and Institutional Research Initiatives Specialist, in the Office of Research Services, by e-mail ( 

York University researchers are reminded that all applications for external research funding, including Letters of Intent, must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Research Services before they are submitted to the granting agency.  For internal approval, the application must be accompanied by a completed ORS Checklist, which requires the Dean’s signature.  Please send the complete application, with the finalized budget and a completed ORS checklist to, five days prior to agency deadline.

ORS is accepting electronic applications – the process is outlined here.

For specific questions, please contact FSc Research Services at