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WISE Research Program

Opportunity NameWISE Research Program Phase II
AgencyWork Integration Social Enterprises (WISE)
ValueUp to $300,000
Indirect CostsIneligible
DurationUp to 18 months
Notify faculty and SIRI of intention to apply 09-16-2022
Submit draft proposal for internal selection  09-23-2022
Application and fully signed ORS checklist due to FSc RO at for mandatory review10-05-2022
Final application and fully signed ORS checklist due to SIRI for mandatory review10-12-2022
Application due at agency 10-13-2022

To fund one organization to produce a national report on the state of social enterprises across Canada, including both Francophone and Anglophone regions. 

The national report will respond to a critical gap in the field of social enterprises research in Canada; the absence of an agreed upon definition of social enterprises; and a review of the legal environment in which they are operating. The national report will aim to address the following policy research questions: 

  • What is the state of social enterprises at the national level and in each province and territory, including both Francophone and Anglophone regions? 
    • the size 
    • similarities and differences 
    • characteristics of clientele 
    • funding modalities 
    • governance 
    • challenges and opportunities 
  • How are social enterprises defined at the national level (if applicable) and across jurisdictions (similarities, differences and implications of these definitions)? 
  • What is the legal environment in which social enterprises operate in Canada (similarities and differences across jurisdictions)


Applicants eligible for this funding process are:

  • public or private universities
  • have been actively involved in the field of social enterprise in the last 3 years

Solicited organizations must submit an application to be considered in this competitive process. They will not be automatically considered.

How to Apply

To signal your intent to apply and to book a one-on-one meeting, please contact Diana Frasca, Strategic and Institutional Research Initiatives Specialist, in the Office of Research Services, by e-mail ( 

For specific questions, please contact your FSc Research Officer

Stefanie Bernaudo
Research Officer
(Biology, Physics & Astronomy, Science & Technology Studies)

Phoebe Tsz-Wai Chan
Research Officer
(Chemistry, Mathematics & Statistics)