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Continuing Students

There are three places you can seek advice in the Faculty of Science: Science Academic Services, your home Department, and Bethune College.

Occasionally you might be referred from one to the other – so it's best that you have some idea of the types of advice each can typically offer.

Science Academic Services (SAS) generally advises about matters such as changing your program, courses you can take for the general education component of your degree, academic legislation such as GPA requirements, degree audits (i.e. what else you need to do to meet requirements), petitions and appeals processes, pre-professional school advising.

Your Home Department generally advises about course prerequisites, requirements for the major, enrolment in the courses of that department, course sequencing in the major, permissions to take a course at another university, course substitutions or waivers.

Bethune College is the place for less formal, often student-led, advising that’s focussed on how to be a successful student and on what you might do after graduation. At Bethune Peer Advising there are seminars on career options, such as how to get into medical, dental, pharmacy, physiotherapy or chiropractic schools, and research, volunteer, or summer job opportunities. Students and the Bethune Academic Advisor also offer advice on accessing support services, mentoring, peer tutoring, academic skill development, and informal academic advising.