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Welcome to the ESL Home Page.
The ESL Program in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies is part of York University’s commitment to supporting students whose first language is not English.  Access to ESL support allows students who might otherwise be denied admission to the university, or who might struggle because of demands on their English language ability,  a better chance at academic success. ESL is also recognized as an important aspect of York’s international and multicultural character. The purpose of ESL support is to help students do better academically as well as improve their overall ability to use the language effectively, particularly in the academic context.
  Brenda McComb
ESL Coordinator
Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

ESL Courses
Once a student is admitted to the university, ESL is available through credit courses. For a listing of available courses, click here.  Students who can use English quite effectively outside the university often encounter difficulties with the academic use of language in their courses. For this reason, most work on ESL is done through courses in the humanities or social sciences, courses which also meet faculty general education requirements. The courses are open to students from any faculty at the university, depending on space and eligibility. 

Enroling in ESL
Access to the humanities or social science ESL courses is through permission only. Students can apply in person, by going to Ross South 561, Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. where they will be asked to fill out an application form.. Students may also apply on-line. To apply on-line, click here,

Students may also meet with the Faculty ESL Coordinator who holds regular appointment hours in the Student Academic Centre, 103 Central Square. Students are welcome to drop in or make an appointment to discuss ESL needs and course enrolment.

The following courses are being offered in Fall/Winter, 2010-11 Winter *2011,* and Summer* 2010.* All courses are designed to help students do well in the course while developing their language and academic skills.

AP/HUMA 1220 - AP/ESL1000 9.0 Canadian Language and Culture
This is an Arts Foundations Course, housed in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics and cross-listed with the Division of Humanities. As a foundations course, it can be used by ESL students to meet their first year general education foundations requirement. In other faculties, it meets the general education humanities requirement.*Where applicable,* the “extra” 3.0 is generally counted towards electives. The course is run as two two-hour classes per week in the full year format. The course*s* are offered in the F/W, Winter only, and Summer.

Sample AP/ESL 1000 Class Activity Camera
ESL Students and Drama. Plays based on Margaret Atwood's "The Edible Woman"

Please click here to watch the movie.

AP/HUMA1745 - AP/ESL1450 6.0 Thinking About Contemporary Canada
Housed in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics and cross-listed with the Division of Humanities, this course can be used by students to meet their first year general education humanities requirement. This course examines how writers, filmmakers, singers, and philosophers understand Canada. Emphasis is placed on a range of voices and issues critical to arrival, to belonging, and to the idea of a nation. Classes (3 hours/week) are held in the evenings and on weekends in the full year format. The courses are offered in the F/W, Winter only, and Summer.

AP/ESL2000 6.0 English in Use
This course is designed for students who have already had experience with university level work, but need to further develop their language ability and their understanding of how language works. The focus of the course is on language and how it functions in daily interactions, strategies for developing English language abilities, the nature of meaning, discourse skills, language styles, essay writing, and so on. In some instances graduate students can be accommodated in ESL 2000, but should see the the Faculty ESL Coordinator for placement. Exchange students often find this course useful. The class meets for 90 minutes twice a week.

For course descriptions and schedules click here.

Fall/Winte 2010-11
AP/HUMA1220 9.0/ESL1000 9.0 /Canadian Language and Culture
AP HUMA1745 / ESL1450 6.0 Thinking about Contemporary Canada
/AP/ESL 2000 6.0 /English in Use/

Social Science courses with ESL tutorials
In Social Science, ESL tutorials have been attached to the following
Foundations courses for F/W 2010-11

AP/SOSC 1009 9.0 /Introduction to Social Science/ (2 tutorials)
AP/SOSC1139 9.0 /International Migration /(1 Tutorial)
AP/SOSC 1439 9.0 /Introduction to Development/ /Studies /(1 tutorial)
AP/SOSC 1919 9.0 /Education and Social Change/ (1 tutorial)
AP/SOSC 2319 9.0 /Information and Technology/ (2 tutorials plus one backup)
AP/SOSC 2349 9.0 /Foundations of Business and Society/ (2 Tutorials )