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The School of Public Policy and Administration offers a Bachelor of Public Administration, a Master of Public Policy, Administration and Law, and certificate and diploma programs. All of our programs are characterized by an emphasis on social justice, public ethics and good governance.

Public debate over ethical issues in public administration has made all levels of government and the not-for-profit sector increasingly aware of the importance of education and professional development in this area. Appealing to those already working in the field and younger students alike, the School of Public Policy and Administration equips students with the skills and expertise required to accelerate or begin a successful career in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Staffed by faculty with strong research records and many years combined experience in active public service, the School provides a sense of community for students who share a fascination with questions of governance, administration, public ethics and the law.


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  • 2015 SPPA Undergraduate Student Award: Kevin Baksh +/-
  • 2015 SPPA Graduate Student Award: Sadaf Syed +/-
  • 2015 President's University-Wide Teaching Award goes to Professor Peter Constantinou +/-
  • 2014-2015 LAPS Alumni Award For Outstanding Contribution to Student Experience +/-


  • Blueprint 2020 National Student Paper Competition on the Future of the Public Service Grand Prize Winners! +/-
  • SPPA Annual Alumni and Student Recognition Awards Winners


  • Barbara Hall (former Mayor of Toronto and Chief Commissioner, Ontario Human Rights Commission)
  • Justice James O'Reilly (Federal Court Judge)
  • Ken Sandhu (Deputy Chairperson of the Refugee Board of Canada and former President of the Canadian Criminal Justice Association)
  • Lorna Marsden (past York University President and Vice-Chancellor, Former President, Wilfrid Laurier University and Former Senator)
  • Olivia Chow (former Member of Parliament, Toronto City Councilor and Mayoral Candidate)
  • Zanana Akande (former Legislative Assembly of Ontario member, and Cabinet Minister)
  • James Simeon (Associate Professor, Director of School of Public Policy and Administration)
  • Susan Dimock (Professor, Graduate Program Director of School of Public Policy and Administration)
  • Alena Kimakova (Associate Professor, Undergraduate Program Director of School Public Policy and Administration)


  Published Books

tragedy-social-democracy book cover The Tragedy of Social Democracy by Professor Sirvan Karimi is about the rise, fall and future of social democracy as a politico-ideological force, a force that was believed would democratically transform capitalism into socialism. Instead of democratizing capitalism, social democracy was itself liberalized by capitalism. Read more

How to Succeed at University (and Get a Great Job!) : Mastering the Critical Skills You Need for School, Work, and Life shows that the best preparation for success at life and on the job is succeeding at university.

This book by Professor Tom Klassen gives you advice and strategies, along with real-life examples, on how to improve the skills that guarantee success at school, work, and in life. More than that, by mastering these easy-to-learn skills, you will also have time to enjoy all the other benefits that a university education provides. The book is available as a free download as well as in hard copy.
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