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Student Creative Corner

Write a short story, poem or other creative piece and share your experiences with the York University community. Browse some of our previously submitted works below.

Student Creative Literary Works


Tali Yanuka Paonessa

Sentada na cadeira ao lado da grande janela, Dona Castro olha para o jardim. No inverno quase ninguém sai para fazer caminhadas e o jardim parecia ser muito sereno, como um quadro de época de há muitos anos atrás. Isso sempre a levou a pensar em seu passado, infância, adolescência. Pensar em sua vida como ...

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Joe Correia

Hoje é a última festa da minha vida. Pensei que este dia nunca chegasse. Consegui reunir toda a minha família para um único evento, esperei toda a minha vida por este momento. Tenho três filhos e duas filhas. Tive o meu primeiro filho com a minha primeira esposa, um filho com a minha segunda esposa, ...

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O colar de Catherine

Veronica Bento

8 de Setembro de 1997 I - Liam McGuire8:11AM Eu nunca fui muito para política. Nunca tive grande interesse em servir pela pátria ou em qualquer lado em que devo ser leal. A única coisa que me interessa é lutar porque, quando estou a lutar, é o único tempo em que sinto que tenho um ...

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Discovering my Azorean Roots/ Descobrindo as minhas raízes açorianas

Stephanie Amaral

Discovering my Azorean roots has been a lifelong journey of learning for me. From my father’s admiration of his island’s beauty to the rich smells of food that come from my vovo’s little red bungalow, this tiny archipelago has always held a place in my heart. After all, it was my Azorean grandmother who most ...

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Short Stories

Learning a language is, above all, a meaningful experiential and cultural opportunity.  In 2017/18 and 2018/19 students enrolled in Portuguese 2000 (Intermediate Portuguese) were tasked with finding out more regarding the Portuguese nations of East-Timor and Guinea Bissau and the difficult lives that many children lead in those parts of the world, in particular in terms of accessing education and literacy resources. In an effort to reach out to these children, students wrote over some months books of short stories, under the supervision of Professor Inês Cardoso, visiting scholar under an international protocol with the Camões I. P. (Portuguese and Luso-Brazilian Studies). Students wrote in groups and used the platforms storybird and storyjumper.

The project comprised many steps: students started reading sources that informed them about those specific Lusophone realities and traditions, designed to enhance their writing toward this target audience.  Then, after developing their initial ideas and receiving formative feedback, students proposed a first complete draft of the story.  This draft was revised not only by the instructor, but also by a panel of other international teachers and writers, such as:

This activity is aligned with the program’s efforts to promote students' learning goals that focus on the benefits of reading-writing interactions aimed to produce informed, culturally sensitive, empathic and aesthetic works.  Such an experiential opportunity that connects students to real-world readers reveal the value of a learning activity whose impact is felt beyond the classroom.

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