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AP/CLTR 3255 3.0 Imagining Indigeneity

AP/CLTR 3255 3.0 Imagining Indigeneity

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AP/CLTR 3255 3.00

Imagining Indigeneity

Indigenous Cinema Studies:  This online course introduces students to Indigenous cinema and the literature of cinema studies produced in North America, although films from Mexico, the Andes (Quechua) and Brazil may be screened when available.  Students view approximately ten films (out of a wide range of films) and read works of film theory and criticism to develop skills necessary to analyze how Indigenous peoples use the moving image to re-present themselves and tell their own stories.  The course puts Native filmmakers into intertextual dialogues with scholars working on theoretical aspects of Indigenous film and pedagogy.  Memory, survival and sovereignty are major thematic concerns of Indigenous cultural and critical theory.