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New partnership with Shenzhen University aims to establish joint degree program, enable collaboration and exchange

New partnership with Shenzhen University aims to establish joint degree program, enable collaboration and exchange

York University and Shenzhen University, China, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the goal of establishing a joint degree program in Applied Mathematics and furthering pathways for student exchanges, research, and cooperation between the two institutions.

The MOU includes a joint Sino-foreign collaboration and pathway initiative, along with provisions for cooperative research, joint project development, and the development of experiential education abroad programs between the two universities.   

“This agreement represents a key opportunity for the Faculty of Science to deepen its exchange with Shenzhen University, and open important pathways for our students and researchers, as well as for international students from China to engage with our Faculty,” says Rui Wang, Dean of the Faculty of Science.

The joint degree program in Applied Mathematics will allow students from Shenzhen University and York University to pursue dual Bachelor’s degrees from both institutions. The MOU also establishes provisions for:

  • Exchange of undergraduate and/or graduate students on a reciprocal and balanced basis
  • Mobility of faculty members and researchers
  • Cooperative research and joint project development for external funding support
  • Development and/or delivery of courses including online courses
  • Joint teaching or supervision of graduate students (co-tutelle)
  • Joint seminars, conferences, and academic meetings
  • Exchange of scientific and information materials that are of mutual interest
  • Development of experiential education abroad programs including short term summer abroad and field study programs, internships, practica and other virtual learning opportunities.

“This agreement is the first step in strengthening cooperation between the two universities and it is especially conducive to the cultivation of students,” says Zhibing Chen, Dean of the College of Mathematics and Statistics, Shenzhen University.

“In an increasingly global world, partnerships of this nature are crucial,” says Dean Wang. “Partnering with globally-recognized institutions such as Shenzhen University allows us to expand our capacity for international cooperation and engagement, and offer students a 21st century education that truly transcends borders.” 

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