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York scientists among world’s top two per cent of researchers

York scientists among world’s top two per cent of researchers

Twenty-six Faculty of Science researchers, including current and emeriti, are among the top two per cent most cited researchers worldwide, according to data compiled by a team at Stanford University.

The impact of a researcher’s work isn’t measured solely by its findings, but by how it inspires – and advances – the work of others.

Since 2019, statistician John Ioannidis at Stanford University has attempted to quantify that impact with a list that provides standardized information on how often a scientist or academic’s published research has been the basis of – and citied within – the work of others. Each year the list is updated to highlight the top two per cent most-cited researchers worldwide.

The 2023 list includes the following current and emeriti faculty members from the Faculty of Science at York University: Thomas Baumgartner, Peter Backx, Samuel Benchimol, Diethard Böhme, Kenneth Davey, Patrick Hall, I. Brent Heath, John Heddle, Sergey Krylov, A.B.P. Lever, Roger Lew, Clifford Leznoff, Christopher Lortie, Peter Moens, Seyed Moghadas, Laurence Packer, William Pietro, Jeffrey Schall, Bridget Stutchbury, Gary Sweeney, Nikolaus Troje, Rui Wang, Andrew White, Hugh Wilson, Jianhong Wu, and Norman Yan.

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