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Includes: Organic/Inorganic Chemistry, Cell Biology, Professional School Preparation

The Biochemistry program at York is your gateway to an exciting and rapidly evolving field. Biochemistry is the study of the chemistry of life, and as all fields of biology are increasingly seeking understanding at the molecular and submolecular levels. Biochemistry continues to be vitally important to advancing many areas of biology and biomedical science, including molecular genetics, physiology and the treatment of disease. As a Biochemistry student, you will explore the structure and properties of biological molecules and the relationship between their chemical structure and their function in living systems.

This four-year program provides you with hands-on training in the laboratory right from the very first year. A fourth-year research project serves as the capstone course of your degree, preparing you for many challenging careers. York Biochemistry students get meaningful and well paid jobs in research, in industry and in teaching. Others go on to pursue graduate studies, here and at other prestigious universities in Canada and abroad. Many enter professional schools in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, law and business.

Typical First-Year Courses

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Calculus
  • Computer Use
  • General Education course

12U Requirements

  • English
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Advanced Functions
  • Calculus & Vectors
  • Physics (recommended)

Career Options

  • Biochemistry Research – academic government, industry
  • Pharmaceutical Research and Development
  • Medical Research
  • Hospital and Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Biotech, Pharmaceutical or Chemical Industry – product development, technical information, product information, quality control, regulatory affairs
  • Agriculture – geneticist, molecular biologist, biochemist
  • Professional Schools – Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, etc
  • Graduate Studies