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Health & Safety

The Faculty of Science is concerned with the health and safety of its employees and students. Health and safety are an important aspect of the work environment, with effects on you and those around you.

A Minute for Health & Safety

This is a collection of one-page bulletins intended to educate and inform people on a variety of Health & Safety topics:

First Aid

The Faculty of Science has designated first aid stations within each of their buildings:

Location Name
124 Mary Mamais
217 A/B/C/D Olga Girina, Carolyn Hempstead
305 Howard Hunter
315 Olga Girina
335Olga Girina
343 Carolyn Hempstead
445A Lucas McCann
Location Name
011 TBD
108 Venessa Broughton
207 Helen Jung, Maria Mazzurco, Krystina Stickler
247 Ming Jiang, Patty Lindsay, Cristalina Carmela Del Biondo
Location Name
201 Delwar Hossain, HA Au
207 Delwar Hossain, HA Au
211 Delwar Hossain, HA Au
227 Delwar Hossain, HA Au
236 German Reyes, Agnes Szelag
305 Anna Petrov, Christiane Zoidl
Location Name
112 Helen Jung, Maria Mazzurco, Krystina Stickler
355 Brad Sheeller, Monique Golding, Dimitra Markatas
Location Name
006/007 Wilfred Stein, Jerry Grech
128 Nick Balaskas, Sasha Novikov
309 Matthew Geroge, Victor Isaac
416 Joylyn Bogle
Location Name
006 Carol Weldon

Emergency Preparedness Program

In each building that the Faculty of Science operates Emergency Response Wardens have been established to assist in an evacuation:

Name Office location Coverage area
Mary Mamais (building captain) 124 CB1st floor
Nicole Chevannes-McGregor 240 CB 2nd floor
Michelle Barton Marsh 322 CB 3rd floor
Carolyn Hempstead 360 CB 3rd floor
Name Office location Coverage area
Karen Rethoret 011 FS Basement
Glen Marlok 102G FS 1st floor
Motti Anafi 213A FS 2nd floor
Ming Jiang247B FS 2nd floor
Name Office location Coverage area
Ming Jiang313 Lum1st floor
Helen Abraham 346 Lum1st floor
Brad Sheeller 317 Lum2nd floor
Doriano D’Angelo 342 Lum2nd floor
Helen McLellan 355 Lum 3rd floor
Dimitra Markatas 355 Lum 3rd floor
Name Office location Coverage area
Wilfred Stein 006 PSE Basement
Nick Balakas 122 PSE 1st floor
Alexander Petrov 343 PSE 2nd floor
Name Office location Coverage area
Carol Weldon 006 SSL CAC office