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Academic Decisions

York University divides the academic year into academic sessions – the Fall/Winter session and the Summer session. At the end of each academic session you will be provided with an Academic Decision, which indicates your progression status in your program (e.g. eligible to proceed).

Grade Report Academic Decisions

The following list explains the meaning of the various items and codes that could appear on your Grade Report. These codes sometimes change; the ones described here apply if you were admitted prior FW 2013.

  • May Proceed Only in an Ordinary Program – This means that your grade point average is below the minimum required for proceeding in an Honours degree for your particular major. You will automatically be put in a bachelor program in the same or first major if in a double major. If you would like to choose a different major, read the information on the Program Change page.

  • Academic Warning – Alerts you to the fact that, should you fail additional credits in future sessions or fail to raise your overall GPA you may be ineligible to proceed. Please refer to Rules and regulations for the Faculty of Science in the Undergraduate Calendar for more detailed information.

  • Debarment Warning – Alerts you to the fact that should you fail additional credits in a future session or fail to raise your overall GPA you will be debarred for a period of two years. Please refer to Rules and regulations for the Faculty of Science in the Undergraduate Calendar for more detailed information.

  • Failed to Gain Standing – This means that you may not register for the fall/winter session unless you are readmitted to the Faculty. After a one-year period, if you feel you have a valid reason to expect you will be more successful in your studies in the future, you may reapply to the Faculty of Science through the Office of Admissions. However, there is no guarantee that you will be readmitted. Applicable to BSc, iBSc, BASc and BSc (Tech) students.

  • Required to Withdraw – Students with the academic decision Required to Withdraw will not be able to enrol in courses for the fall/winter session. Applicable to BA or iBA students only.

  • May Continue in Honours (Not in Biology) – This means you do not meet the minimum major average of 6.00 required for this major. You must choose a new major. Please see the Program Change page.

  • Must Choose Major Other Than Biochemistry, Computational Mathematics, Environmental Science or Space Science – This means that you must choose a new major in a bachelor program. Enrolment is blocked until you have changed your program. Please see the Program Change page.

  • Advising Required – This indicates that you are blocked from enrolling in courses in the upcoming session. Book an advising appointment with the appropriate department.

  • Limited Credits Allowed – If you are in a bachelor program and do not meet the minimum GPA required for graduation, you may take up to 102 credits in order to raise your GPA. Once you have completed 102 credits, you will automatically be blocked from further enrolment. At that point, if you still do not meet the required GPA for graduation, please contact Science Academic Services.

Note: Students admitted to the Fall/Winter 2001-2002 Session and subsequent sessions, will be required to have an overall GPA of 4.00 to graduate with a bachelors degree and an overall GPA of 5.00 to graduate with an Honours bachelor degree, except biology (6.00 science GPA) or biochemistry (5.50 science GPA).