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Grades represent how well you have learned the topics covered in a course relative to the expectations of the professor and the learning outcomes for the course.

Note that grades are not (necessarily) determined by how much time you spend studying, nor by the performance of other students in the class. It is feasible you might spend a lot of time but not “get it”. It is also feasible that many students achieve the learning outcomes to the level expected by the professor and therefore many get quite high grades.

Although grades may be announced by the professor and published by the Registrar’s Office they are not official until approved by the Faculty. If a professor has awarded too many low grades or too many high grades they will be challenged to justify their grade distribution before it is approved. Occasionally the professor is required to change grades before the Faculty will approve them.

Here you'll find information about:

At York there are two ways you can view your grades: online grade report and an Official University Transcript (must be requested through the Registrar’s Office).

Grades Advice

Naturally, your first source of information concerning grades is the professor of the course.

Second to this is the Department responsible for offering the course. The Department will have advice and procedures to follow concerning grade reappraisals, for example.

For concerns and issues arising from decisions related to your cumulative GPA please contact Science Academic Services (SAS).

For official transcripts contact the Registrars Office. You can order a transcript online here.