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Grade Reappraisals

Sometimes you may feel that an item of work has been marked incorrectly. It is important to act in a timely fashion. Departments will have deadlines beyond which re-evaluation of course work will not be considered.

For term work such as assignments, lab reports and tests your first step should be to contact your TA or professor. TAs and professors are vitally interested in your learning and will be keen to explain where you went wrong. You should come prepared with questions that are pertinent to your learning of the course material. Generally, an approach such as “I think I deserve more marks. I want to discuss this with you” may not meet with the response you hope for.

For a final exam you’ll generally need to make an appointment to review it. Discussion is not an option since by their nature a final exam is a formal item of work, is summative of your learning, and very careful attention has been given to accurately marking it. Clear errors such as incorrect addition of marks are easily corrected and if you find such an error simply inform your professor.

Departments have a formal process for final exam reappraisal. Generally, following review of your exam paper you can submit a formal request, citing the specific instances where you feel a marking error has occurred. Your request will be reviewed and if your reasons are judged to warrant doing so, a professor who is independent of the course will be asked to re-mark the exam. Your mark may decrease, remain the same, or increase.

The deadline for submitting grade reappraisals is February 15 for fall term grades, June 15 for fall/winter session and winter term grades, September 30 for summer session grades or a minimum of 21 days from the release of grades, whichever is later.

If you do not initiate the process within this time period, you must submit an Academic Petition.

A grade reappraisal decision of a Department may be appealed to the Appeals Committee based on new evidence or procedural irregularity.

Additional information on Grade Reappraisals is available on the Registrar’s Office website.