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Your Grade Report

Your sessional grade report lists all courses you have taken at York and the grades for each course. It will also list the courses you are currently enrolled in as “in progress”, your sessional Grade Point Average (GPA) and your cumulative GPA. Please note, there is a Fall Term grade report that will only list your Fall Term grades, it will not be a GPA or an Academic Decision. 

Sometimes your grade may have an annotation such as:

  • F NGR (No Grade Reported) – A grade of F with a qualifier of NGR (No Grade Reported) indicates that the instructor did not report a grade. Contact the appropriate department immediately for follow-up.
  • NCR (No Credit Retained) – The course does not count towards academic degree or certificate credit requirements and is not included in grade point averages (major, cumulative, sessional and overall). This is generally a repeated course or one which is a course credit exclusion.

Your Grade Report will also contain an Academic Decision after each session. The Academic Decision indicates whether you can proceed in your program, must proceed in a different degree program (i.e. from Honours to Ordinary), or that you are required to withdraw from your studies.

This Office of the Registrar has developed a short video presentation that explains how to read your Grade Report. Topics covered include: the difference between sessional and cumulative GPA, how and when are grades and averages calculated, a review of common notations and an explanation of the academic decisions and warnings that may appear on your Grade Report.