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Neuroscience (Biology)

York’s undergraduate Neuroscience program has several unique features. Based on their interests, students choose one of three entry pathways by selecting Biology, Kinesiology & Health Science, or Psychology as their home program. The adventure begins with a solid science curriculum in first year, including the keystone course Frontiers in Neuroscience.

Each year then builds on the successes of the prior year. Students experience a broad neuroscience foundation in second year. In third year, they develop their understanding by choosing courses from the three specialization streams (cellular/molecular, cognitive/behavioural, or systems neuroscience), and put it all together with a stimulating, research-based capstone course in fourth year.

Typical First-Year Courses

  • BIOL 1000 Biology I - Cells, Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • BIOL 1001 Biology II - Evolution, Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
  • MATH 1505 Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences
  • CHEM 1000 Chemical Structure
  • CHEM 1001 Chemical Dynamics
  • PSYC 1010 Introduction to Psychology
  • NRSC 1001 Frontiers of Neuroscience

Students entering Faculty of Science, B.Sc., Spec. Hons. Neuroscience - Biology, will take the following 25 credits, plus 6 others for a total of 31 credits.

12U Requirements

  • English ENG4U
  • Biology SBI4U
  • Chemistry SCH4U
  • Advanced Functions MHF4U

Career Options

  • Medical school
  • Graduate school in the Neuroscience field,
  • Clinical data collection
  • Clinical research
  • Community programming
  • Analytical laboratory work
  • Medical devices and therapies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Science advocacy