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Hungry galaxies grow fat on flesh of their neighbours

Exactly how massive galaxies attain their size is poorly understood, not least because they swell over billions of years. But now through a combination of observation and modelling, researchers, including the Faculty of Science’s Leo Alcorn, a York Science Fellow, have found a clue.

Faculty of Science’s new fund supports students taking summer courses remotely

The Faculty of Science has launched a newly created $50,000 fund to help its students succeed in remotely delivered summer 2020 courses. Dubbed the York Science Summer Student Success Fund, or S4F, the initiative will provide up to 1,000 students with a $50 discount when purchasing required or recommended textbooks for their summer term courses.

York and T2K experiment researchers closer to solving antimatter puzzle

Why is there an abundance of matter compared to antimatter in the Universe? This question has stymied physicists for years, but researchers at York University, along with other Canadian institutions as part of the international Tokai-to-Kamioka (T2K) Collaboration, have found neutrinos may hold the answer.

Prof Eric Hessels receives President’s Research Excellence Award

Professor Hessels, York Research Chair in Atomic Physics and a York University Distinguished Research Professor, has led numerous research projects that have far-reaching consequences for the understanding of the laws of physics. He is leading a collaboration whose goal it is to use ultra precise measurements of the electron to study one of the fundamental unresolved questions of physics.

Comprehensive review shows fever, cough most common symptoms of COVID-19

A comprehensive review of studies on COVID-19, including clinical, epidemiological, laboratory and chest imaging data, shows that the most common symptom was fever (82%), followed by a cough (61%), then muscle aches and/or fatigue (36%), says York University Postdoctoral Fellow Nicola Bragazzi, a co-author on the paper.