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New paper in Nature’s Scientific Data describes ins and outs of Ontario Climate Data Portal developed at York U

In 2018, scientists at the Laboratory of Mathematical Parallel Systems (LAMPS) at York University launched a user-friendly, accessible Ontario Climate Data Portal to provide the most robust climate change projections for Ontario. Now, the team has published a paper to describe the portal’s structure and functions, extensive datasets and data development methodology.

Hungry galaxies grow fat on flesh of their neighbours

Exactly how massive galaxies attain their size is poorly understood, not least because they swell over billions of years. But now through a combination of observation and modelling, researchers, including the Faculty of Science’s Leo Alcorn, a York Science Fellow, have found a clue.

Faculty of Science’s new fund supports students taking summer courses remotely

The Faculty of Science has launched a newly created $50,000 fund to help its students succeed in remotely delivered summer 2020 courses. Dubbed the York Science Summer Student Success Fund, or S4F, the initiative will provide up to 1,000 students with a $50 discount when purchasing required or recommended textbooks for their summer term courses.