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Spanish Courses

Browse through the database below to explore courses that will fulfill certain degree requirements in the Spanish program.

When registering for classes on the Course Timetable website, be sure to carefully read through the "Notes/Additional Fees" section of each course you select.

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AP/SP 1000 6.00
Elementary Spanish

This is an intensive introductory course to the language and culture of the Hispanic world. Equal attention is paid to the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition, students acquire a command ...

AP/SP 1001 3.00
Elementary Spanish for Professional Communication

This course introduces students to the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world, with a particular emphasis on communication for professional purposes.  It focuses on developing comprehension and production for basic oral communication in a ...

AP/SP 1002 3.00
Elementary Spanish Grammar & Writing

This intensive course exposes students to the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world through Spanish grammar and writing. While speaking and listening in Spanish are practiced and polished, this course focuses on developing explicit ...

AP/SP 1200 6.00
Film and Social Change in Spain and Latin America

This course examines films that are indices and/or agents of social change. By studying cinema of the Spanish-speaking world alongside historical, political, and fictional texts as well as music and the visual arts, it considers ...

AP/SP 2000 6.00
Intermediate Spanish

This course is an extensive review of the fundamentals of Spanish grammar and emphasizes the four skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing through compositions, written exercises, oral presentations and conversations.Prerequisite: AP/SP 1000 6.00 or OAC ...

AP/SP 2010 6.00
Spanish For Heritage Speakers

A specially-designed course for students of Hispanic heritage with no formal Spanish-language training. This course involves a comprehensive study of grammar and vocabulary, as well as assignments on aspects of Hispanic culture, in order for ...

AP/SP 2020 6.00
Intermediate Spanish Abroad

This course involves the intensive study of the Spanish language at the intermediate level as well as of the culture of the Spanish-speaking country of immersion, four weeks at York University and four weeks in ...

AP/SP 2200 6.00
Spain's & Latin America's Great Writers

This core course of the Spanish program offers a thematic, historical and social introduction of literature from the Spanish-speaking world, studying narrative, poetry, drama and essays from the medieval period to the present. The basic ...

AP/SP 2700 3.00
Myths and Legends of the Hispanic World

This course presents a panorama of legends from the Hispanic world. By illustrating the blending of cultures (Spanish, Indigenous, Mestizo, Jewish, African, Arab) in the creation of new legends, examples from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, ...

AP/SP 2880 6.00
(Re)Viewing Latin America: Film, Television, and Digital Media since 1950

This course introduces students to the debates that are currently redefining Latin America, including disputes about racial and sexual categories of differentiation, state-sponsored violence, the impact of extractive economies, women’s rights, or a new understanding ...

AP/SP 3000 6.00
Advanced Spanish Language and Grammar

This course covers extensively the fundamentals of Spanish grammar and em-phasizes listening, speaking, reading and writing through written exercises, es-says, conversations, presentations and active participation. Students develop command of the target language through analysis and ...

AP/SP 3100 3.00
Aspects of Spanish Linguistics

This course presents linguistic concepts, terminology and analyses, focusing on the Spanish language. It offers a foundation in the systems of language including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics as well as linguistics fields such as ...

AP/SP 3130 3.00
Academic Writing in Spanish

This course is designed to develop academic writing proficiency in the Spanish language through an analysis of selected models of writing, further work on Spanish syntax and style, and systematic guidance through the composition process. Prerequisite: ...

AP/SP 3150 3.00
Spanish Applied Linguistics

This course introduces students to concepts in applied linguistics, with an emphasis on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. It addresses aspects of Spanish linguistics as they apply to second language acquisition, foreign ...

AP/SP 3210 6.00
Aspects of Spanish American Literature

An intensive study of prose and poetry from colonial times to the 20th century, with some reference to historical and social influences on the development of literature. Prerequisite: AP/SP 2200 6.00.

AP/SP 3220 3.00
Hispanic Caribbean Literature: The City, The Nation, and the Sea

Examines the construction of the Caribbean (Hispanic Caribbean) as a geographic and cultural space whose boundaries have been charted by imperial rivalries. Topics under consideration may include Early Modern European expansion, the search for 'El ...

AP/SP 3360 3.00
Spanish Poetry of the Golden Age

A study of selected poetry from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Works by Garcilaso, Fray Luis de Leon, Herrera, Ercilla y Zuniga, San Juan de la Cruz, Gongora, Lope de Vega and Quevedo. Prerequisite: AP/SP 2200 ...

AP/Spanish Theatre of the Golden Age 3370 3.00
Spanish Theatre of the Golden Age

The rise and development of the Spanish theatre in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Prerequisite: AP/SP 2200 6.00.

AP/SP 3540 3.00
El Mal De Siglo: 19th – Century Spanish Romantic Poetry

Studies representative works of important Spanish poets from the Romantic period to the end of the 19th century, that may inlcude el Duque de Rivas, Espronceda, Bécquer, and Rosalía de Castro.Prerequisite: AP/SP 2200 6.00. Course ...

AP/SP 3560 3.00
Nineteenth Century Spanish Theatre

Considers the thematic tensions between representative works of important Spanish playwrights of the Romantic, Post-Romantic and Realistic schools. Playwrights may include: de la Rosa, García Gutiérrez, Zorrilla, Galdós, Echegaray, and Hartzenbusch.Prerequisite: AP/SP 2200 6.00. Course ...

AP/SP 3570 6.00
Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century Spanish Prose

Examines realist and naturalist movements through a study of the short story, literary sketch, and novella by outstanding writers including, Larra, E. Pardo Bazán, Clarín, F. Ayala.Prerequisite: AP/SP 2200 6.00. Course credit exclusions: None.PRIOR TO ...

AP/SP 4000 6.00
Advanced Spanish Language and Grammar

Continues to build upon the language skills and compositional abilities of advanced usage of the Spanish language, following in sequence after AP/SP 3000. It prepares students to reach the level required for further advanced studies ...

AP/SP 4120 3.00
History of the Spanish Language

Explores the history of the Spanish language from its Latin origins. We focus on phonological and grammatical developments, the socio-historical factors that contribute to these changes, and analyze texts in which they are evident. Prerequisite: ...

AP/SP 4130 3.00
Varieties of Spanish Worldwide

Explores regional varieties of Spanish from the Iberian Peninsula and Latin American, including indigenous and African contributions to Latin America Spanish, and contact varieties in the United States and elsewhere. Prerequisite: AP/SP 3100 3.00 or ...

AP/SP 4140 3.00
Spanish Sociolinguistics

This course introduces students to the study of language in its social context, with an emphasis on Spanish. Topics include: social factors contributing to variation and change, issues of identity, contact with other languages, language ...

AP/SP 4350 6.00
Spanish Prose of the Golden Age

This course covers important aspects of Spain's intellectual life during the Golden Age. While most of the texts to be read are works of literature, some are expository works which reflect religious, philosophical and political ...

AP/SP 4580 3.00
Spanish-American Modernismo

A survey of the poetry of the major Spanish-American modernists Jose Marti, Ruben Dario, Julian del Casal and Manuel Gutierrez Najera. In addition, the course considers the social and literary milieu of the period. Prerequisite: ...

AP/SP 4630 6.00
Epics of the Indies

This course examines the representation of the encounter between Europe and its "Others" in the epic and heroic poems written by Iberian poets in the XVI and XVII centuries. Topics may include the epic tradition ...

AP/SP 4640 6.00
The Spanish American Novels of the 20th Century

A close study of the novel in 20th-century Spanish America, based on works of some of the major novelists.Prerequisite: AP/SP 2200 6.00. Course credit exclusions: None.PRIOR TO FALL 2009: Prerequisite: AS/SP 2200 6.00. Course credit ...

AP/SP 4650 6.00
Literature and Music in Spanish America

This course studies significant movements and interactions between literature and music as authentic expressions of cultural identity in Spanish America, by examining the textual and performative contexts in which musical forms are adopted in literature ...

AP/SP 4670 3.00
The Spanish Post-Civil War Novel

This course studies in detail the Spanish novel in francoist Spain as an artful representation of the cultural, economic, sociological, ideological, political, and esthetic underpinnings of the era.  Prerequisite: AP/SP 2200 6.00 or permission of ...

AP/SP 4680 6.00
Gender and Genre Negotiation:Short Fiction in 20th Century Spain

Studies the impact of war, displacement, censorship, and repression on the Spanish short story of the 20th-Century. Writers may include: Unamuno, Azorín, Gómez de la Serna, Ayala, Chacel, Aub, Cela, Laforet, Aldecoa, Matute, Sueiro, Díaz-Más, ...

AP/SP 4690 6.00
Writing Identity and Mestizaje: Discourses of Colonialism and Decolonisation in Spanish American Literature

This course focuses on the pivotal role of language, writing, images and texts in the construction of shifting identities in Spanish America. It explores the intersection among subjectivity, ethnicity, narrative, and colonialism by analyzing how ...

AP/SP 4810 3.00
Otherness in Spanish Literature & Film

Begins with a theoretical study of otherness and considers Spain's identity formation in opposition to others through the analysis of selected texts (1100-present) that may include: the Moor in Romances Fronterizos and Don Quijote; the ...

AP/SP 4880 3.00
Nos/otras: Contemporary Poetic Expressions of Spanish American Women

Analyzes how Spanish American women poets (such as A. Basualto, O. Leiva, D.M. Loynaz, I. Vitale, C. Peri Rossi, A. Pizarnik, N. Prado, M. Urriol) since the 1980s have employed varied creative and receptive practices ...

AP/SP 4990 3.00
Foreign Language and Digital Media: Developing Skills for Online, Spanish-English Publications

In this capstone course, students engage in high-impact Community Focused Experiential Education. Activities focus on writing, researching, editing and publishing works for an online university undergraduate magazine. Students complete individual and collaborative assignments centered on ...