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Business Economics

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

This program uses economic analysis and statistical methods to deal with management challenges. Our Faculty will teach you the strategic thinking necessary for understanding the role of business and government in the economy and you will learn real world techniques for solving problems with economic elements. After graduating, you may decide to pursue a career in banking, business or government.

What you’ll learn 

  • You’ll gain the analytical framework necessary for understanding and solving economic problems. 
  • Understand the mathematical foundations of economic theories and the statistical techniques used to analyze economic data. 
  • Develop the ability to apply the core methods and tools of economic analysis to understand complex problems. 
  • Study and evaluate the individual and social effects of public policies. 
  • Understand the economic dimensions of contemporary social and political issues.

Hands-on experiences 

  • Network with peers and business leaders at our annual Bank of Canada’s Governor’s challenge and annual Case Competition. 
  • Take experiential economics courses that give you access to industry leaders and hands-on research experience. 
  • Take part in our diverse and enriching seminar series.

The scope of economics stretches far past forecasting GDP or predicting stock market returns. Economics teaches students a way of thinking that can be applied to an endless number of interesting and practical problems. An economics degree can teach students the skills needed to analyze climate change policy, evaluate the effects of education reforms, predict the labour market effects of minimum wage increases, or even simulate models of how Uber affects the taxi industry and local economies. Students should be open to taking courses across several fields in economics until they discover what drives them.

— Uros Petronijevic
Professor, Business Economics

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