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Municipalities of the Future Symposium

Municipalities are at the forefront of service delivery to meet the diverse and ever-changing community needs in the face of fast-paced economic and social changes, as well as technological and environmental disruptions. Our annual Municipalities of the Future Symposium was created to provide a forum for professionals in the sector to discuss these challenges and innovative solutions, and to build cross-sector partnerships. Non-profit, community, academic and private sector organizations have been active participants in this event, and our symposium serves as a model of stakeholder engagement for finding interdisciplinary solutions to complex policy and managerial problems, and for advancing diverse communities with equity.

2021 | Municipalities on the frontlines: New realities and mandates in a post-pandemic world

We are pleased to announce that our 4th annual Municipalities of the Future Symposium will proceed in virtual format on Wednesday, March 3, 2021 from 9:00am to 2:30pm and Dino Basso, Commissioner of Corporate Services for the Regional Municipality of York will serve as keynote speaker.

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2020 | Advancing Communities Through Better Business Solutions

The 2020 symposium focused on best practices for achieving community benefits for large public infrastructure projects, inclusive and diverse hiring, apprenticeship programs and procurement policies.

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2019 | Partnerships in Turbulent Times

The 2019 symposium emphasized partnerships and turbulence. Turbulence – because of the variety of economic, technological, demographic and political disruptions challenging municipal governments. Partnerships – because of the growing recognition that many problems require interdisciplinary solutions, developed and implemented through stakeholder engagement and cross-sector partnerships.

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2018 | Transit, Technology and Other Transformation

The first symposium highlighted the important work done by municipalities and the emerging challenges confronting cities and rural municipalities.

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