Your application must be submitted to the International Office of your home university in Baden-Württemberg. Please note that each International Office sets its own university-specific application deadlines. You should check your university’s website for those dates and for any further forms and/or documentation that is required as part of your application.

That office will then, through its own selection process, determine which applicants it wishes to nominate as participants in the OBW Program. Those applications will then be forwarded to the OBW Office at the coordinating university in Konstanz. The OBW Program cannot accept applications directly from students.

In addition to the application forms required by your home university’s International Office, there is also an OBW-specific application form. You will need to supply a considerable amount of supporting documentation as you assemble your application, including transcripts of your academic record, an official language-assessment, a letter of recommendation, and so on, so we recommend that you start early on the process. You will need also to do some careful research on the Ontario universities in order to write a convincing application and to justify your choice of the three universities you are required to name.

Please approach the choice of your “Wunsch-Universitäten” with an open mind. There are constraints on how many students can be placed at each university in Ontario, and sometimes we have to make difficult decisions during the placement process. We believe it is important to assure you that, while each university has its own particular profile and attractions, the academic standards across the Ontario university system is guaranteed by system-wide quality-review criteria at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

While the standard, recommended period of study for Baden-Württemberg students in Ontario remains two terms (September-April), a small number of students can be nominated to participate in the program for one term only. Such nominations are subject to tight numerical constraints and are at the discretion of each Baden-Württemberg university. If you are interested in studying in Ontario for just one term, please enquire with your home university’s international office whether your application to be nominated on such terms can be considered.

Link to Application Forms and Information
Photo: Mark Webber