OUI programs

Ontario Universities International is a consortium of Ontario universities participating in four provincial exchange programs in Baden-Württemberg (Germany), Jiangsu (China), Maharashtra, Goa and New Delhi area (India), and Rhône-Alpes (France). The four OUI exchange programs were established at different times; Ontario/Baden-Württemberg in 1990, Ontario/Jiangsu in 2009, Ontario-India in 2007 and Ontario/Rhône-Alpes in 1991. These programs offer graduate and under-graduate students the opportunity to study or conduct research in almost any discipline. Students are able to choose from a variety of study options, including full-year or one-semester academic exchanges, Summer Research Programs and Summer Language Programs. In addition, OBW has recently introduced a Faculty Exchange Program.

In Ontario each OUI exchange program is led by an Academic Director, who works closely with an overseas director and/or coordinator. The role of the Academic Directors and their overseas counterparts includes activities such as recruitment, student selection and placement, leading pre-departure and welcome orientations in both countries, and providing liaison between universities in the partner regions. The overall administration of all four programs within Ontario is provided by the OUI Program Office housed at York University.

It is important to note that over 250 Ontario students take advantage of these programs every year and Ontario universities welcome the same number of students from all four partner regions.