Faculty Mobility Program

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the successful academic partnership between the Province of Ontario and the State of Baden-Württemberg, the regions agreed in 2010 to build on the well-established OBW Student Exchange Program with the introduction of an exchange program for faculty researchers.

University faculty members participating in this program enjoy the opportunity of a research stay of between one and six months at a partner university, supported by a grant from their home government. These research stays are intended to promote new partnerships and strengthen existing partnerships between researchers in Ontario and Baden-Württemberg.

Ontario Faculty Members

We regret that we are presently unable to offer this program to faculty members from Ontario universities.

Baden-Württemberg Faculty Members

Full information on the OBW Faculty Mobility Program for researchers based at one of the nine research universities in Baden-Württemberg is available on the website of the Universität Konstanz.

The Universität Konstanz is responsible for the coordination of the OBW partnership in Baden-Württemberg.