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Browse through the database below to explore courses that will fulfill certain degree requirements in the Political Science program.

When registering for classes on the Course Timetable website, be sure to carefully read through the "Notes/Additional Fees" section of each course you select.

AP/POLS 1000 6.00
Introduction to Politics: Exploring the Democratic Experience

CROSSLISTED COURSES: AS/AK POLS 1000/2410 & AP PPAS 1000 & GL POLS 1400 This course introduces students to the study of politics. Special emphasis is given to different understandings of democracy, problems in democratic theory, ...

AP/POLS 1090 3.00
Introduction to Business, Government and Society

Three decades of sweeping change in the organization of the Canadian economy and the state have transformed Canadian social life, from unemployment to the workplace. This course explains these changes within a broader historical and ...

AP/POLS 1200 3.00
The Politics of Law

Introduces students to the study of the relationship between political science and the law. Addresses varying approaches to the study of these disciplines. Emphasizes the dynamic interaction among institutions, actors, and processes in the domestic ...

AP/POLS 2000 6.00
Perspectives on Politics: Classics of Political Thought

CROSSLISTED COURSE: AP PPAS 2900 Examines answers to critical questions concerning the nature and purposes of political life through a survey of classical works of political thought.

AP/POLS 2100 3.00
Introduction to Canadian Politics

CROSSLISTED COURSE: AP PPAS 2910 This course introduces Canada's democracy. The course covers the politics and political institutions of Canada such as the constitution, the Charter of Rights, federalism, elections, economy, and civil society.

AP/POLS 2201 3.00
Introduction to International Politics

The study of the forces that structure, power, conflict, compromise and cooperation both within states and among them, emphasizing the diversities and inequalities, the violence, and the on-going struggles to achieve political community that mark ...

AP/POLS 2300 6.00
Introduction to Empirial Theory

CROSSLISTED COURSE: AP PPAS 2300 An introduction to the issues, procedures and theories associated with doing research on political questions. The first term examines the assumptions and ideas that lie behind how we do what ...

AP/POLS 2400 3.00
Introduction to Comparative Politics

An introduction to the comparative study of political systems, institutions, and processes. The second half of the course will examine in detail the government and politics of specific countries and regions.

AP/POLS 2600 3.00
Introduction to Gender and Politics

The aim of this course is to offer a historical and critical survey of gender politics. We will examine the central role gender plays in shaping, understanding, and evaluating the political world. This course will ...

AP/POLS 2990 3.00
Introduction to Indigenous Politics

This course surveys key aspects of Indigenous politics by centering Indigenous perspectives. Focusing on settler-colonial Canada in comparative and global vantage point, a variety of themes will be covered, such as: capitalism; colonialism; nationalism; dispossession; ...

AP/POLS 3011 3.00
The Politics of Sexuality/Sexual Politics

Human sexuality has become a contested site of political and social conflicts. Since the 1980's research has challenged popular conceptions of sex as a natural and biological force. The course explores the socio-political construction of ...

AP/POLS 3020 3.00
Utopia, Power and Sovereignty

How did social change, wars and the confrontation between Protestantism and Catholicism shape political thought in the Renaissance and Reformation? Issues of power, liberty, faith, obedience, self interest and the common good are explored through ...

AP/POLS 3025 3.00
A Century of Revolution

In the 1600's, sweeping transformations of social, economic, religious and political institutions dramatically altered England. Through James I, Hobbes, Locke, the Levellers and Diggers and others' works, we explore how this 'century of revolution' shaped ...

AP/POLS 3040 6.00
Modern Political Thought: Kant to Foucault

In this course we study those thinkers whose theories have had the greatest impact in shaping the modern world including Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, Marcuse and Foucault.

AP/POLS 3045 3.00
Human Rights, Islamic Tghought and Politics

Critically examines the relationship between Islam and human rights. Describes the state of human rights in Muslin-majority countries and debates within them and amongst Muslim minorities in liberal democracies over the compatibility of human rights ...

AP/POLS 3065 3.00
Political Culture of Race and Racism

This course analyzes the political, economic, and cultural development of "race" and "racism" in political discourse. Attention is given to categories such as "racialization", and "the social construction of race". We deal with the historical ...

AP/POLS 3070 3.00
Psychology and Politics

This course involves the use of psychoanalytic and psychological concepts in contemporary political thought. After outlining key psychological theories, beginning with Freud, the focus is on themes such as ideology and freedom, democracy and paranoia, ...

AP/POLS 3075 3.00
Law, Justice and Jurisprudence

This course explores some fundamental issues in liberal conceptions of law and some of the criticisms of this conception. Jurisprudence is concerned with the study of the nature of legal systems and the analysis of ...

AP/POLS 3085 6.00
Political Economy as a Moral Science; The Economics of Marx and Keynes

The course develops a conception of "political economy as "moral science" through study of the economics of Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes. It also explores the relation of the conception to German idealist philosophy ...

AP/POLS 3100 3.00
Media, Identity and Citizenship

This course examines the principles and theories underlying communications and cultural practices, policy and regulation in Canada, with particular attention to the role of the state and the private sector in shaping the nature of ...

AP/POLS 3102 3.00
Aboriginal Politics in Canada

Introduces students to the study of aboriginal politics in Canada. A survey course, it examines the relationships between indigenous peoples, the state, society and economy in Canada. Topics include: globalization, (de)colonization, citizenship, constitutionalism, gender, land ...

AP/POLS 3110 3.00
The Process of Urban Politics: Institutions and Power

In This course, we examine a broadened notion of "politics" as it plays out on various scales and arenas within the urban system. In particular, we explore how various social groups in cities experience, struggle ...

AP/POLS 3120 3.00
Quebec: Politics, Power & Resistance

This course investigates Quebec government and politics in relation to internal policy processes and the wider context of Canadian government and politics. The course will apply theories of nationalism, feminism, race and class relations, conflict, ...

AP/POLS 3125 6.00
Canadian Political Economy

CROSSLISTED COURSES: AS POLS 3125 & AK SOCI 3125 & AP HREQ 3125 This course examines Canadian economic development and state formation in the context of the world market and, in particular, Canada's place within ...

AP/POLS 3135 3.00
Public Law I: The Constitution and the Courts in Canada

CROSSLISTED COURSE: AK POLS 3135 & GL POLS 3135 & AP PPAS 3135 This course examines the Canadian structure, judicial review of the federal division of powers, and the role of the courts and the ...

AP/POLS 3136 3.00
Public Law II: The Charter of Rights and Freedoms

CROSSLISTED COURSE: AK POLS 3136 & GL POLS 3136 & AP PPAS 3136 This course focuses on judicial interpretation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This includes freedom of expression, legal rights, equality ...

AP/POLS 3140 3.00
The Political Economy of Labour in Canada

CROSSLISTED CROUSE: AS SOSC 3280 This course analyses the role of organized labour in the political economy of Canada. We trace the interaction of labour, business and government and focus on the contemporary struggle of ...

AP/POLS 3145 3.00
Government and Business in Canada

CROSSLISTED COURSE: AK POLS 3145 This course describes the role of market forces and corporate institutions in shaping Canada's political economy, and the attempt to control or regulate the corporate sector.

AP/POLS 3150 3.00
Political Parties in Canada

CROSSLISTED COURSE: AK POLS 3150 This course is a critical inquiry into the evolution of political parties in conjunction with the extension of forms of liberal democracy in Canada. The course will investigate arguments about ...

AP/POLS 3155 3.00
Election Campaigns in Canada

CROSSLISTED COURSE: AS POLS 3155 This course is a critical inside examination of federal and provincial election campaigns in Canada. The topics covered will include: designing campaign themes and strategies, polling and public opinion research ...

AP/POLS 3170 3.00
Canada's Social Policy

CROSSLISTED COURSE: AP HREQ 3761 & AP PPAS 3761 This course examines Canadian federal, provincial and municipal programs aimed at those outside the paid labour force. Programs covered include health care, child care services and ...

AP/POLS 3171 3.00
Canada's Labour Market Policy

CROSSLISTED COURSE: AP PPAS 3762 This course examines the development and operation of government programs in Canada directed at influencing labour supply/demand, including training and education policies, employment/unemployment insurance, job creation policies, collective bargaining, employment ...

AP/POLS 3175 3.00
Ontario Provincial Politics

Following a brief review of Ontario political history, the course focuses on substantive problems of Ontario provincial politics and on formal and informal institutions of Ontario's government in the context of the Canadian federal system.

AP/POLS 3180 3.00
Politics and the Mass Media

An inquiry into the communicative aspects of politics and the relation of politics to the mass media, with an historical investigation into the influence of cultural technologies, media institutions and the organization of the news ...

AP/POLS 3190 3.00
Public Administration

This course examines the theory and practice of public administration and the machinery of government, with particular reference to Canada. It discusses who makes policy, how policy is developed and implemented, and how activities in ...

AP/POLS 3195 3.00
Multilevel Governance, Policy and Program Delivery in Canada

CROSSLISTED COURSE: AP HREQ 3140 & AP PPAS3140 Explores public policy development and program delivery in Canada as activities shaped by the interaction of multiple actors at the Canadian and international levels, including federal, provincial ...

AP/POLS 3200 3.00
Global Conflict and Security I

This course acquaints students with issues surrounding conflict and security in global politics as it has evolved over the past three centuries. It examines the history and development of war from the medieval period to ...

AP/POLS 3210 3.00
Global Conflict and Security II

This course explores the issues surrounding different dimensions of conflict and security in the contemporary period. In its broadest sense, security can be understood not only in military, but also in political, economic, cultural and ...

AP/POLS 3220 3.00
Comparative Foreign Policy Analysis

An introduction to the objectives and instruments of understanding foreign policy from a comparative perspective. Special attention will be devoted to the United States and its inter-connections with the North Pacific in the 20th century. ...

AP/POLS 3230 3.00
Global Issues in Foreign Policy

CROSSLISTED COURSE: AK POLS 3230 Increasingly, problems such as environmental degradation, sustainable development, the uses and effects of technology in financial production and communication systems, human rights abuses, refugee and population movements, and militarization, require ...

AP/POLS 3240 3.00
Multilateralism I: The United Nations, Regional Organiztions, and International Law

Multilateralism concerns the management of conflict and the building of cooperation among the variety of political entities and agents that enter the field of world politics. The primary purpose of this half course is to ...

AP/POLS 3250 3.00
Multilateralism II: The Political Economy of International Organizations

Multilateralism concerns the management of conflict and the building of cooperation among the variety of political entities and agents that enter the field of world politics and governance. The primary purpose of this course is ...

AP/POLS 3255 6.00
Human Rights in Global Economy

CROSSLISTED COURSES: AK POLS 3260 & AP HREQ 3010 & AP SOCI (Prior to 2013) 3010 Explores challenges to the fulfillment of internationally recognized human rights posed by globalization, emphasizing socio-economic rights like food, security, ...

AP/POLS 3260 3.00
War and Peace in the Middle East

CROSSLISTED COURSES: AK POLS 3260 & AP REI 3260 This course examines the causes of conflicts in the Middle East. The history of foreign powers' involvement in the region, religious fundamentalism, authoritarianism, economic development and ...

AP/POLS 3262 3.00
Popular Culture & International Politics

Our common ideas about international politics present a reified world of diplomats, heads of state, military officers or, more abstractly, of states 'acting' in some way. This course asks: What can we learn about international ...

AP/POLS 3270 3.00
Global Political Economy I: Theory and Approaches

CROSSLISTED COURSE: AP REI 3270 The course provides students with some key conceptual tools with which to understand the global political economic processes that shape our world today. We begin with a brief discussion of ...

AP/POLS 3275 3.00
Global Political Economy II: Issues and Problems Since 1945

CROSSLISTED COURSE: AP REI 3275 This course focuses on issues and problems related to the post-1945 global political economy. It explores topics such as the globalization of production and the associated movement of labour, commodities ...

AP/POLS 3280 3.00
Canada and World Affairs

This course examines Canada's foreign and defence policy interests in the post-cold war era, and the domestic and international forces, processes, interests and actors which interact in the formulation, and pursuit, of these interests. In ...

AP/POLS 3280 3.00
Statistics for Social Sceinces

CROSSLISTED COURSES: AP PPAS 3300 & AS SOCI 3030 This course provides a basic understanding of the statistical reasoning and fundamental statistical techniques frequently used to analyze social data. It introduces students to the uses ...

AP/POLS 3400 3.00
Political Economy of Industrial Democracies

The changes taking place in the world capitalist system have had their roots in advanced capitalist societies. But these changes have also produced profound restructuring of these societies, undermining the political arrangements that emerged in ...

AP/POLS 3401 3.00
Post-Communist Transformations: Can East Become West?

The fall of communism in Russia and Eastern Europe in the early 1990's was hailed by many observers as a triumph of freedom. Building new politico-economic systems, however, remains a daunting challenge. The experiments with ...

AP/POLS 3410 3.00
Global City Regions

This course explores the development of global city regions in a comparative perspective, including a critical assessment of state restructuring processes and how globalization is anchored in urban politics and the ways in which city-regions ...

AP/POLS 3411 3.00
The Political Economy of Newly Industrialized Countries

The course examines theoretical debates concerning the political economy of industrialization in post-colonial countries through examination of specific case studies.

AP/POLS 3415 3.00
Work and Employment in the Global Economy

The course examines the dramatic changes in work and employment practices, new production processes and increased capital mobility against the background of the emerging global economy. Special emphasis is given to the future of women's ...

AP/POLS 3450 3.00
Women and Politics

CROSSLISTED COURSE: AP SOSC 3170 & AS WMST 3516 & GL WMST 3516 This course examines women's political position in advanced capitalist countries. The focus is historical, theoretical, and issue-oriented. Issues examined include the politics ...

AP/POLS 3455 3.00
Topics in Women and Politics

CROSSLISTED COURSES: AS SOSC 3175 & AS/AK/GL WMST 3517 This course will build on its prerequisite. It examines contemporary feminist debates and dilemmas that relate to the diverse dimensions of women and politics. The main ...

AP/POLS 3500 3.00
The Rise and Fall of Communism in Russia and Eastern Europe

The Communist challenge to capitalism was one of the major twentieth-century forces which have shaped the contemporary world. This course examines key political developments in Russia and Eastern Europe from the Russian Revolution of 1917 ...

AP/POLS 3510 3.00
China: Path to Modernization and Democracy

This course examines the origins and development of the modern Chinese political system. Emphasis is on the role of Mao Zedong, the post-1949 period and the reform of Chinese socialism.

AP/POLS 3515 3.00
China: 21st Century Superpower?

China's relationship with the outside world has been one of the dominant themes in its development. How is China moving from its position of isolation to become a 21st century superpower? We focus on the ...

AP/POLS 3520 3.00
West European Politics

This course examines the different patterns of development of the states and political institutions of the major West European democracies. It therefore has a historical and political-economic, as well as an institutional focus.

AP/POLS 3521 3.00
A Polity in Faux

This course examines the processes and policies of European integration. It pays particular attention to the advantages of closer integration on the European continent while also considering the difficulties of governing a multi-level and multi-national ...

AP/POLS 3540 3.00
American Government and Politics

This course analyzes the American political system through an examination of recent political events. Attention is given to the composition of the socio-political elite, the nature of mass influence in public policies, and the operation ...

AP/POLS 3545 3.00
Freedom and Inequality: An American Dilemma

This course explores the impact of the institutionalized ideal of freedom on America's political economy. Also discussed are: unequal access to democratic institutions; the welfare system; global responsibility for freedom; and political repression and the ...

AP/POLS 3550 3.00
Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Central America

This course explores the impact of the institutionalized ideal of freedom on America's political economy. Also discussed are: unequal access to democratic institutions; the welfare system; global responsibility for freedom; and political repression and the ...

AP/POLS 3553 6.00
Poltiical Economy of Latin America and Caribbean

CROSSLISTED COURSE: AS SOSC 3410 This course examines the history and political economy of the Americas using case studies from both the English and Spanish speaking Caribbean countries as well as Latin America, to highlight ...

AP/POLS 3555 3.00
Dictatorship and Democratization in South America

We examine post-World War II experiences of dictatorship and democratization in South America. We discuss regional trends and specific countries (such as Brazil, Chile and Peru) from a political economy perspective, including class relations, popular ...

AP/POLS 3560 6.00
The Global South: Politics, Policy & Development

The course examines the various dimensions of the Global South, with emphasis on political-economy and development. It examines the similarities and differences between various local experiences in the Global South and explores their contemporary dynamic ...

AP/POLS 3561 6.00
Racism and the Law

CROSSLISTED COURSE: AP REI 3561 Theories of law applied to the sociology of racism. Topics include history of law and the political economy of racism; reproductions of class, race and gender; promises and prospects of ...

AP/POLS 3565 6.00
Racism & Colonialism

Colonialism and racial conflict examined in historical and comparative perspective, including a discussion of links between racism and sexism. Examples are drawn from some of these areas: Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, the ...

AP/POLS 3570 3.00
Africa: The Politics of Continental CRISIS

This course examines the processes -- globalization, war and democratization, among others -- crucial to prospects for political, social and economic development in Africa. The Congo, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South ...

AP/POLS 3591 3.00
Political Economy of Asia and Pacific

The course studies the political and economic changes in the region of Asia and the Pacific and their implications for the global capitalist system. Interactions between the state, capital, classes, and gender are discussed.

AP/POLS 3900 3.00
Local to Global: City and Nation in the Age of Globalization

This course examines political experience in the era of "globalization." Issues covered include work in the global city; immigration and racism; culture and media; women and the international division of labour; and environmental sustainability. (Designed ...

AP/POLS 3990 3.00
Supervised Reading and Research

A supervised reading course allows a student to work one-on-one with a faculty member to complete a course. Students may take a supervised course, either on a full- year or half-year basis, if they meet ...

AP/POLS 3990 6.00
Supervised Reading and Research

A supervised reading course allows a student to work one-on-one with a faculty member to complete a course. Students may take a supervised course, either on a full- year or half-year basis, if they meet ...

AP/POLS 4010 3.00
History of Political Thought

A seminar examining a major theme or problem derived from the writings of one or more central figures in Western political theory.

AP/POLS 4011 3.00
Canadian Political Thought

This course surveys the evolution of Canadian political thought in general as well as the broader intellectual contributions made by Canadian thinkers to debates related to justice, democracy, federalism, and cultural tolerance. Possible topics to ...

AP/POLS 4015 3.00
Theories of Justice

This course provides students with the opportunity to develop a competent understanding of a fundamental aspect of social and political life. Conceptions of justice are of the greatest importance, as every person has some such ...

AP/POLS 4025 3.00
Freedom and Equality

Freedom and equality are two of the fundamental conditions for democracy, and as such they provide the ethical basis for much of contemporary political theory. The course explores conflicting conceptions of freedom and equality, their ...

AP/POLS 4030 3.00
Classical Political Theory

An analysis of a number of texts in classical political theory, focusing on primary texts rather than secondary works, relevant to Greek, Hellenistic and Roman politics.

AP/POLS 4035 3.00
The Emergence of Modernity

CROSSLISTED COURSE: AS/AP SOSC 4500 This course examines the emergence of modernity as a response to Enlightenment crisis. Focusing on conflicting conceptions of reason, values and emotional experience in the modern institutional context, the modern ...

AP/POLS 4045 3.00
Ecology, Politics and Theory

This course includes discussion on "deep" ecology, Marxian environmentalism, feminist ecology, social ecology, postmodern approaches, Heideggerian ecology and the approach to the analysis of the domination of nature in the Frankfurt School.

AP/POLS 4055 3.00
The Idea of Democracy

This course investigates the competing visions of democracy, and attitudes towards it, at key moments in political history. Starting from the assumption that democracy is contested terrain, it examines crucial debates over democracy in ancient ...

AP/POLS 4065 3.00
Critical Theory: Society and Politics

Is modern western thought a coercive and dominating ideology? This course uses critical theory to explore this question about rationality and its relation to exploitation, culture, language and the body.

AP/POLS 4071 3.00
The Politics of Cyberspace: Information and Power in the Surveillance Society

As a component of the information revolution and globalization, cyber, digital technology, the internet, cyborg (cybernetic organism), artificial life (AL), artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality, prosthetics, robotics and tissue engineering – has since 1989 rapidly ...

AP/POLS 4075 3.00
Encounters of Islam and Modernity

This course is a secular and comparative examination of religious institutions, movements, and texts crucial to the public culture of Islam from the 18th century onwards. Course material includes critical readings on encounters between Islam ...

AP/POLS 4080 3.00
The Philosophy of Toleration

This course explores a range of issues concerning the philosophy of toleration. What does it mean to "tolerate" other people's religious, social, or political beliefs and practices? Why should we be tolerant? What role does ...

AP/POLS 4090 3.00
Classical Marxist Theory

This course focuses primarily on the writings of Marx and Engels with some consideration of Marxism as it first developed as an ideology of mass parties in the context on the Second International.

AP/POLS 4091 3.00
Marxism, Feminism and Post Modernism

The central focus of this course is Marxism, but the contemporary evolution of Marxism cannot be understood separately from its interplay with two of the most powerful theoretical currents in the modern world: feminism and ...

AP/POLS 4102 3.00
Aboriginal Politics

An examination of critical issues in Aboriginal Peoples' relationships with the state, society and economy in Canada. Major themes addressed include the legacy of colonialism; the tensions between Aboriginal selfdetermination and public policies on self-government; ...

AP/POLS 4103 3.00
Diversity Politics in Canada

This course critically analyzes the limitations and possibilities of diversity in Canada by exploring policies concerning immigration, multiculturalism, Aboriginal peoples and francophones, as well as examining the systemic oppression of racial, ethnic, linguistic, sexual and ...

AP/POLS 4105 3.00
Judicial Administration in Canada

An overview of judicial administration in Canada. The course focuses on factors students need to understand to tackle the serious problems in courts: civil and criminal processes, case flow management, judicial independence, court structure, and ...

AP/POLS 4106 3.00
Ethicial Politics

This course focuses on selected practical problems, cases and hypothetical questions that a) deal with the conduct of public servants in regard to conflicts of interest, undue influence, dishonesty and accountability, b) arise when there ...

AP/POLS 4108 3.00
Canada and the Global South

This course examines the relationship between Canada and the Global South and will provide students with a deeper understanding of Canada in the global setting. Topics covered shall include various dimensions of corporate and governmental ...

AP/POLS 4110 3.00
Canadian Urban Politics

CROSSLISTED COURSE: AP SOSC 4720 This course examines the influence of government policy on the development of cities and the characteristics of urban life. It provides a historical, institutional and theoretical framework for understanding and ...

AP/POLS 4115 6.00
The Political Economy of State Finance

This course critically evaluates different approaches to state finance, linking the development of democratic institutions to the expansion of the modern fiscal state; students consider the limits and opportunities of a globalizing economy for pursuing ...

AP/POLS 4117 3.00
The Political Economy of NAFTA

This course provides students with an overview of the economic, political and social challenges facing the three nation-states—Canada, Mexico and the United States—that comprise the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA). The political economy of ...

AP/POLS 4118 3.00
The Politics of Solutions

Through an examination of various contemporary political problems in Canada, this course explores the social challenges involved in proposing and pursuing solutions to them. This involves assessing both the merits of proposed solutions and the ...

AP/POLS 4120 6.00
Political Leadership in Canada

A study of the psychological, sociological, and institutional aspects of leadership. Special emphasis will be placed on examining the prime ministerial tradition, analyzing its role and assessing the contributions of various prime ministers to Canadian ...

AP/POLS 4125 3.00
Women and Current Policy Issues

This course explores a range of public policy issues relevant to women's lives. We will explore these issues in light of different feminist concerns and strategies for state intervention. We begin with a look at ...

AP/POLS 4130 6.00
Politics, Law and the Courts

Students are introduced to the administration of justice in Canada. Its focus is on the relationship between the administration of the legal system and the outcomes of civil and criminal disputes. Course credit exclusions: AP/POLS ...

AP/POLS 4135 3.00
The Politics of Aging

This course studies how the unprecedented aging of the population in developed nations impacts political de- bates, conflicts, and public policies. The course focuses on recent social policy developments in Canada, with comparison to other ...

AP/POLS 4151 3.00
Provincial and Municipal Government in Ontario

This seminar course examines the theory and practice of the Ontario provincial system of government within the Canadian federal system, including an overview of the federal-provincial and provincial-municipal arrangements, and an examination of the organization ...

AP/POLS 4155 3.00
The Politics of the Canadian Women's Movement

CROSSLISTED COURSES: AS/AK WMST 4503 & GL POLS 4603 This course examines the women's movement in Canada with particular emphasis on the political dimensions of its historical and contemporary development. To begin, we survey interpretations ...

AP/POLS 4161 3.00
Health Policy in Canada

The critical issues in health care delivery are quality, cost, and availability. Interactions among health care actors are examined in terms of their impact on those three central issues. The course is interdisciplinary in content, ...

AP/POLS 4162 3.00
Issues in Canadian Health Policy

This course will apply the analytical framework developed in AP/POLS 4161 3.0 to the study of specific aspects of the Canadian health care system. The specific topics addressed will be determined both by their timeliness ...

AP/POLS 4165 3.00
Canadian Social Policy in Comparative Perspective

CROSSLISTED COURSES: AP GREQ 4165 & AP POLS 4165 The course analyzes the design and implementation of social policy in Canada, seen in the context of social policy development in other Western societies, including the ...

AP/POLS 4175 6.00
Canadian Constitutionalism in Comparative Perspective

This course examines the evolution of the Canadian constitution in comparative context. Particular emphasis will be placed on the institutions and processes of federalism and the interpretation and application of rights under the Charter.

AP/POLS 4176 3.00
Politics of Provinces & Territories

A central feature of the political economy of Canada is the important role played by subnational governments and economies. This course examines the contemporary context of provincial and territorial politics in a world of globalization ...

AP/POLS 4180 6.00
Politics and the Mass Media in Canada

An examination of the political functions of the mass media, with attention to normative, empirical, and critical theories of the media and their application in Canada. Discussion will focus on the role of the media ...

AP/POLS 4181 3.00
Research Seminar in the Political Economy of Canada

Examines theories, trends and debates pertaining to the political economy of Canada in the emerging global context, including economic restructuring, the changing nature of work, the future of the welfare state and prospects for reform. ...

AP/POLS 4185 6.00
Culture and Communication

Since at least the mid-nineteenth century, the growth of modern mass media industries has transformed the culture of advanced capitalism. This course will introduce some of the theories of culture and society, particularly in the ...

AP/POLS 4200 6.00
International Relations Theory

This course examines some of the major contending theories of global politics. The first term will focus on the development of the mainstream approaches to the discipline in the English speaking world. This will include ...

AP/POLS 4205 3.00
New German Politics and European Integration

This course analyzes Germany's domestic and foreign policies in the wake of German Unification and in the context of the end of the Cold War. After reviewing the historical background of the "German Question", the ...

AP/POLS 4210 3.00
Peace Research

This course is to examine the rationale, assumptions, and key issues of Peace Research, focusing on the possible contributions which peace research can bring to the understanding and processes of social change.  The course examines ...

AP/POLS 4212 3.00
Global Justice and Humanitarian Internationalism

CROSSLISTED COURSE: ES ENVS 4312 In the context of international humanitarianism and advocacy, this course provides a general introduction to international justice, drawing on basic philosophical ethics. It begins with theoretical schools of thought to ...

AP/POLS 4215 3.00

This course explores the institutions and practices of global and regional cooperation, with a particular emphasis on the forces shaping multilateralism (e.g. states, cultures, social movements) and the way multilateralism can influence global structural change.

AP/POLS 4220 3.00
Canadian International Security Policy: Issues and Problems

An analysis of contemporary issues and problems in Canadian national security policy.

AP/POLS 4225 3.00
Canada and the Americas

The course assesses the dynamics and implications of Canada's recent emergence as an active member of the inter-American system. Intensive readings and debate will deal with such major issue areas as the NAFTA and FTAA, ...

AP/POLS 4230 3.00
Canadian Defense Policy

This course examines the issues, and the interests, involved in the making of Canadian defence policy with a particular emphasis upon the transition from the cold war to the post-cold war decision-making milieu. Accordingly, the ...

AP/POLS 4240 6.00
Nationalism and Citizenship

Analyzes ideologies of nationalism and comparatively examines their role in state formation, especially in citizenship and immigration policies.  Further examines the formation of interlocking identities of nation, ethnicity, 'race', gender and class on practices of ...

AP/POLS 4245 3.00
Gender and International Relations

CROSSLISTED COURSE: AS/AK/GL WMST 4802 This course explores both the theoretical and empirical issues raised by the introduction of a consideration of "gender" in international relations. Issues covered include: gender and the environment, militarism, human ...

AP/POLS 4250 3.00
Canadian Foreign Policy

This seminar is devoted to an examination of Canadian foreign policy. The course focuses on the determinants of government decision-making, comparing case studies of some key decisions to the foreign policy theoretical literature. Of special ...

AP/POLS 4255 6.00
Issues in International Human Rights

This survey course facilitates active student participation in the examination of classical and contemporary debates on the history, legitimacy, forms of application and limits of application of the critical knowledge of the working mechanisms (strengths ...

AP/POLS 4257 3.00
The International Protection of Human Rights

This course examines diverse approaches to understanding the international protection of human rights. Issues discussed include the United Nations human rights system, the role of human rights treaties, and other mechanisms for good governance and ...

AP/POLS 4260 3.00
Contemporary Security Studies

The course examines the understandings of international security which are being produced in the contemporary world. There is an extremely lively debate in security studies about the nature of security and how it can and ...

AP/POLS 4261 3.00
Security, Capitalism, Ecology

Analyses how the development and contradictions of global capitalism affect human security, basic conditions of existence, forms of livelihood and social and ecological sustainability. Interrogates concepts such as: human security, capital, commodity, commons, primitive accumulation, ...

AP/POLS 4262 3.00
Gun Politics

In this course students draw on their past study of the themes of violence and security, and consider how issues related to weapons affect their lives beyond the university, as members of democratic societies.

AP/POLS 4265 3.00
Human Rights and Democracy in Asia

The course examines the international politics of human rights and democracy in East, Southeast and South Asia as a window on debates over the nature, universality, purposes and limitations of international human rights norms. It ...

AP/POLS 4270 3.00
United States Foreign Policy

Intensive readings will examine the post-cold war evolution of US foreign policy. The overall purpose of the seminar is to compare and assess alternative analytic approaches regarding the formulation and implementation of US foreign policy ...

AP/POLS 4275 3.00
Politics of Security and Intelligence

An examination of the nature of security and intelligence and its effect on policy-making. Among topics studied are disinformation, counter-intelligence strategies, internal security mechanisms, accountability, and the relation between security and intelligence, democracy and peace.

AP/POLS 4280 6.00
Russia in World affairs

This seminar explores the roles Russia has played in international affairs since World War I to the present. The political, military, economic, social and ideological factors which have shaped Soviet foreign policy from Lenin to ...

AP/POLS 4285 3.00
The International Political Economy of Eastern Asia

This seminar examines the changing dynamics of political, economic and security relations in and among the countries of Eastern Asia.

AP/POLS 4287 3.00
Global Political Economy and the Making of World Orders

Reviews some of the historical development and central theoretical debates and literature in Global Political Economy and International Relations that relate to the making/remaking of world orders. Critically discusses key works and thinkers as well ...

AP/POLS 4290 3.00
Topics in International Political Economy

An examination of the actors, processes and issues involved in the politics of international economic relations.

AP/POLS 4291 3.00
Capital and Power in Global Political Economy

The seminar focuses on the connection between capital and power in international political economy. The changing interaction between capital, labour, states and other social groups is examined analytically and historically, with particular attention to the ...

AP/POLS 4292 6.00
Polititcal Economy of Capital Accumulation

The course examines capital as the central power institution of capitalism. It traces the evolution of accumulation from conceptual, historical and empirical perspectives, while helping students develop their ability to engage in independent research.

AP/POLS 4293 3.00
Patterns and Problems of Globalization

This course examines diverse approaches to understanding the political, economic and social challenges of globalization. Issues discussed include the growing urbanization of the world, the rise of disaster capitalism, and the human organ trade.

AP/POLS 4295 3.00
Polititcal Economy of Global Finance

The course examines the functioning and broader ramifications of global finance. Discussion is organized around several key themes, including: (1) Concepts and building blocks: what are financial markets, who are the players and why are ...

AP/POLS 4296 3.00
Gender and Participatory Budgeting

The course analyzes the public purse from the perspective of gender-responsive and participatory budgeting. Both approaches to the theory and practice of public finance are recent global civil society initiatives meant to scrutinize public budgets ...

AP/POLS 4300 6.00
Public Policy Research

CROSSLISTED COURSES: GL POLS 4300 This course examines the application of social science research techniques to the public policy process. Social science research techniques may be used either in conjunction with the design of public ...

AP/POLS 4340 6.00
Practicum in Survey Research Methods

CROSSLISTED COURSE: AP SOCI 4080 This course provides the theoretical background and practical skills needed to conduct surveys. Using computerized telephone survey facilities of the Institute for Social Research, students take part in questionnaire design, ...

AP/POLS 4401 3.00
Systems of Justice

An overview of procedures in the Canadian justice system, with comparisons to other common law justice systems and some civil law systems. The course begins with a study of civil and criminal procedure, and then ...

AP/POLS 4402 3.00
Protest Movements and Democracy

This seminar surveys the critical understandings of democracy articulated by several mass protest movements throughout the world, including populism; women's movements; labour activism; and the politics of difference. We explore democracy as a contested concept ...

AP/POLS 4403 3.00
Economic Unions and Globalization

This course explores how economic globalization fosters the tendency to form regional sub-global economic and political entities. Topics include an analysis of the trajectories of a number of economic unions like the EU, NAFTA, Mercosur ...

AP/POLS 4404 3.00
Neoliberal Urbanism

This course examines, first, the origins and historical development of neoliberalism as a political ideology of municipal governments, and, second, the impacts of the implementation of neoliberal policies on social/political/ cultural relations in contemporary cities. ...

AP/POLS 4406 3.00
The Politics of Work and Industry

An analysis of the ability of capitalist economic and political institutions to restructure and project themselves anew, including more flexible forms of production and new political alliances.  The historical forces which have shaped the politics ...

AP/POLS 4410 3.00
Social Justice and Polititcal Activists

This seminar surveys alternative philosophical terrains for discussing social justice and past approaches to constructing a better world. Its main focus is social justice in modern capitalism - not just as a matter of alternative ...

AP/POLS 4420 3.00
People Power and Colour Revolutions: Achieving Democracy in Authoritarian Societies

Are the recent color and flower revolutions a new form of democratic political change in authoritarian societies? How do authoritarian governments respond to the threat of civil society and people power? Can we expect more ...

AP/POLS 4422 3.00
Contemporary Iran: From Revolution to Dissent

This course explores contemporary Iran, and addresses questions regarding the relationship between the state and civil society, causes of regime change and the rise of Islamic theocracy. It has three interrelated goals: 1) develop familiarity ...

AP/POLS 4430 6.00
Colonialism and Development

A comparative introduction, at the more advanced level, to social struggle and change in countries subject to colonial domination, with particular attention to cultural issues and to forms of contestation involving 'race' and racism, sexuality ...

AP/POLS 4470 3.00
Working Class Politics in Capitalist Democracies

This seminar examines how working classes have been changed by such factors as international migration, women's increased participation in the labour force, global competitiveness and structural unemployment, and asks how effectively trade unions, political parties ...

AP/POLS 4480 3.00
India in the 21st Century

The course explores 21st century India, its spectacular growth, its staggering inequalities and its struggles for justice. How does economic growth affect the substance of democracy? How should deeply unequal democracies negotiate competing visions of ...

AP/POLS 4510 3.00
Advanced Topics in Chinese Polititcs

This course allows students to examine advanced topics in the politics of contemporary China and compare competing social science research methods for field investigation.  The course is organized according to two major topics in Chinese ...

AP/POLS 4515 3.00
The European Union

This course examines the key institutions, processes, and policies of the European Union in the context of recent developments. We focus on the major current issues facing the EU: the future of economic and monetary ...

AP/POLS 4517 3.00
Debates in Contemporary European Union Politics

This course assumes students have a basic knowledge of the EU and its institutions. The course considers how multi-level structures of governance and multiple actors are involved in compromise, negotiation and policy making in Europe. ...

AP/POLS 4520 3.00
Nationalism , Communism and Imperialism

A study of the development of nations under communist governments in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. The course examines conflicts and interactions between communist and nationalist ideas, the social, economic and political sources of ...

AP/POLS 4541 3.00
Human Rights in Europe and Canada

This course examines the European Human Rights Convention system in Strasbourg and its political significance in Europe, with a focus on the work of the European Commission and European Courts of Human Rights in the ...

AP/POLS 4545 3.00
Approaches to American Polititcs

This seminar introduces participants to broad and encompassing interpretations of American politics. We critically examine conflicting arguments about the character, contents, driving forces, and boundaries of political debate and public policy in the United States. ...

AP/POLS 4546 3.00
Politics, Society and Democracy in the United States

This seminar explores the disjunction between U.S. democratic ideals and practices within their politicaleconomic context. We scrutinize social, economic, and ethnic inequalities in light of the strong symbolism provided by the U.S. constitution and democratic ...

AP/POLS 4555 3.00
Latin American Development

An examination of the processes and issues connected with development in Latin America including the impact of political economy on culture and on women.

AP/POLS 4561 3.00
The Making of the Modern Middle East

This course prepares students to work in Middle Eastern Studies with an emphasis on political debates. We examine the history of state building, regional issues, nationalism, ideological trends, political movements and political parties in the ...

AP/POLS 4575 3.00
The Politics of Southern Africa

This course examines South Africa's racial capitalist system and resistance to it – focusing on the present transition to a more equitable political and economic system; it also explores the current situation in other southern ...

AP/POLS 4576 3.00
Civil Society and the State in Africa

This course examines contemporary civil society-State relations in sub-Saharan Africa. It considers the role of domestic and regional social forces in these relations in the context of social policy-making by national governments and international political ...

AP/POLS 4590 3.00
Political Development in South Asia

The course explores the various dimensions of South Asian political development, with emphasis on political economy and development issues. It examines the similarities and differences between South Asian nations and explores their contemporary dynamic in ...

AP/POLS 4595 3.00
Asia in the New Global Order

Using Southeast Asia as its focus, this course ad- dresses questions relating to economic development, political change and regional security in the emerging global order. It stimulates interest in politics and international relations of developing ...

AP/POLS 4901 3.00
The Global South Polittics Capstone

This course examines diverse approaches to understanding the challenges, political and economic, that confront "the South" within the global capitalist system, emphasizing issues of "underdevelopment," poverty and resistance and making comparisons between diverse states, movements ...

AP/POLS 4902 3.00
Global Politics Capstone: International Human Rights

This course examines diverse approaches to understanding the political, economic and social challenges of global politics. Issues discussed include globalization, citizenship, global governance, development and democratization from a human rights perspective.

AP/POLS 4903 3.00
Canadian Democracy in a North American Context Polittics Capstone

This course connects your knowledge of Canadian politics to effective engagement in public life. We explore assumptions, concepts and values in politics and examine how power is exercised to shape policy decisions and influence the ...

AP/POLS 4904 3.00
Polittical Organizing & Communication Politics Capstone

This capstone course for the Political Organizing and Communication theme, focuses on everyday politics and activism in Canadian democracy, including the role of

AP/POLS 4905 3.00
Polittical Economy & Political Power Polittics Capstone

We often take power's meaning for granted. Where does it come from? How does economic power influence political power? Students consider how production, wealth, and accumulation affect the framing and resolution of political questions.

AP/POLS 4906 3.00
Political Theory Politics Capstone

The political theory capstone offers an integrative experience by each year focusing in depth on a particular major author or theme in the history of political thought to the present. Attention will be paid both ...

AP/POLS 4907 3.00
Gender, Diversity & Inclusion Polittics Capstone

Reflecting on courses taken from the Gender & Diversity theme, we examine gender and identity, race, and sexuality, as well as nationalism and human rights. We reflect on how 'inclusivity' fundamentally transforms conceptions of politics ...

AP/POLS 4908 3.00
Public Policy & Administration Polittics Capstone

This course analyses in depth several high-profile current policy issues relevant to Canada, Ontario, and Toronto. Students will use what they have learned in their prior studies to research and analyze a current policy issue ...

AP/POLS 4909 3.00
Law, Social Justice, and Ethics Politics Capstone

This capstone course for students interested in the areas of law, politics and justice allows them to utilize skills and insights developed during their years in university, and to apply them in tackling current legal, ...

AP/POLS 4910 3.00
Violence & Security Polittics Capstone

This course is the Capstone for the Violence and Security theme. Students will reflect on their past study of the theme, and consider how issues of violence and security affect their lives beyond the university, ...

AP/POLS 4980 3.00
Undergraduate Honours Colloquium

This course is designed for Honours students planning to do graduate studies. It offers a unique opportunity to develop research interests in a collegial framework in their final year. Enrolment will be by permission only ...

AP/POLS 4985 6.00
Global Political Studies Colloquium

The Colloquium is the Global Studies Honours Seminar for students in the Global Political Studies program. The readings range widely and cover current issues and debates in international relations and comparative world politics. Such issues ...

AP/POLS 4990 3.00
Supervised Reading and Research

A supervised reading course allows a student to work one-on-one with a faculty member to complete a course. Students may take a supervised reading/ research course, either on a full-year or half-year basis, if they ...

AP/POLS 4990 6.00
Supervised Reading and Research

A supervised reading course allows a student to work one-on-one with a faculty member to complete a course. Students may take a supervised reading/ research course, either on a full-year or half-year basis, if they ...