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Find out what is happening in teaching at York by reading our weekly blog, with contributions by the York community. Also, discover what is happening at the Teaching Commons in our monthly newsletters for faculty and graduate students.

Teaching and learning blog

Each week from September to May we publish a blog by and for the York teaching community.  Formats include: written, video, audio, and visual.

Contact Geneviève Maheux-Pelletier if you would like to contribute in any format.

View the latest blog: Attending to relationships in the virtual environment

Faculty newsletter

This newsletter is emailed to everyone on our faculty Listserv at the beginning of each month. If you are not receiving our newsletter and want a monthly update, subscribe to the Teaching Commons newsletter by clicking here.

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Graduate students newsletter

For the latest news, events, workshops, resources, and support related to teaching for graduate students and TAs, read this monthly newsletter. This newsletter is emailed to our graduate student Listserv at the beginning of every month. Click here to be added to our Listserv.

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Academic Year 2021- 2022

Broaden Your International Impact Through the Globally Networking Learning (GNL) Experience, Blog 202, April 25, 2022.

Breaking Apart the Research Essay: Scaffolding for Skill Development in the Humanities, Blog 201, April 11, 2022.

How Learning Happens: Direct Instruction, Blog 200, March 18, 2022, by Nidhi Sachdeva

Pedagogy that Aids Transition: A Roundtable Conversation, Blog 199, March 11, 2022, with Alexis Blair-Hamilton, Yasaman Delaviz, and Lynda van Dreumel; hosted by Brian Nairn

How Learning Happens: Role of Prior Knowledge, Blog 198, March 4, 2022, by Nidhi Sachdeva

Reflecting on Your Practice, Blog 197, February 25, 2022, by The Teaching Commons

How Learning Happens: Dual Coding Theory, Blog 196, February 18, 2022, by Nidhi Sachdeva

How Learning Happens: Depth of Processing Information, Blog 195, February 11, 2022, by Nidhi Sachdeva

How Learning Happens: Cognitive Load and Problem Solving, Blog 194, February 4, 2022, by Nidhi Sachdeva

Teaching in Focus Conference – Celebrating 10-ish Years, Blog 193, January 28, 2022, by Brian Nairn

Building Flexibility with Face-to-Face Teaching, Blog 192, January 21, 2022, by Brian Nairn

Getting Ready for In-Person Teaching and Learning, Blog 191, January 14, 2022, by Ameera Ali, Natalie Neill, and Robin Sutherland-Harris

Teaching and Learning Research in Action, Blog 190, December 3, 2021, an interview with Dr. Alice Kim

LinkedIn Learning at YorkU, Blog 189, November 26, 2021, by Brian Nairn

Making Small Changes To My Course - Part 2: H5P Interactions, Blog 188, November 19, 2021, by Natasha May

Experimenting with Ungrading, Blog 187, November 12, 2021, by Valérie Florentin

Conducting Remote Research Interviews to Explore Student Learning, Blog 186, November 5, 2021, by Ameera Ali

Encourage Your Students to Apply to the Upcoming Experiential Education Symposium, Blog 185, October 29, 2021, by Lisa Endersby & Sophie Bury

Making Small Changes To My Course - Part 1: An Alternative Assessment, Blog 184, October 22, 2021, by Natasha May

20+ Tools for TAs Teaching Virtually, Blog 183, October 15, 2021, by Maria Romios

Globally Networked Learning Experiences (GNLE) Expands Student Engagement, Blog 182, October 8, 2021, by James C. Simeon

Assistive Technology Information Guide, Blog 181, October 1, 2021, by Raymond Peart & Rob Racanelli

A Database of eLearning Examples, Blog 180, September 24, 2021, by Robin Sutherland-Harris

Welcome Back from the Teaching Commons, Blog 179, September 17, 2021, by the Teaching Commons

Academic years 2015-2021

Archived blogs

June 2022: Summer!

May 2022: Teaching and Learning Events

April 2022: Supporting Teaching At York (STAY) Symposium

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February 2022: Senior Teaching Assistants' Events

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December 2021: End of Term Reflections in Preparation for Winter

November 2021: Experiential Education (EE) Symposium

October 2021: Truth and Reconciliation

September 2021: (re)Introducing the Teaching Commons

August 2021: Planning your Professional Development for 2021-2022

July 2021: Supporting Student Engagement

June 2021: A Summer of Play and Care

May 2021: The month of teaching and learning events

April 2021: Supports for the end of another year

March 2021: STAY Connected

February 2021: Introducing our New Website

January 2021: New Beginnings

December 2020: Looking forward to a winter break?

November 2020: Checking-in: How are you?

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March 2020: Rumor has it, spring is around the corner

February 2020: With love every day of the year, not just on Valentine’s Day

January 2020: Back to School is in the Air

November-December 2019: It’s that Wonderful Time of the Year: Teaching Commons Newsletter!

October 2019:  Pumpkin Spice & Teaching Commons, the Flavours of October

September 2019: Welcome to a New Academic Year at the Teaching Commons

July / August 2019: Hello Sunshine

June 2019: Notice

May 2019: Supporting Teaching at York (STAY) Symposium

April 2019: Pause Before Looking Ahead

March 2019: Staying Healthy

February 2019: Introducing our Senior Teaching Assistants

January 2019: Welcoming a New Calendar Year and a Fresh Start

November / December 2018: Workshops in November and December

October 2018: Falling Into A Spooktacular Semester!

September 2018: Establish or Renew Your Membership with the Teaching Commons

August 2018: We Are Here for You

March 2018: Reflecting on My Time as a Teaching Commons Tutor

February 2018: Our Senior Teaching Assistant Family

January 2018: Happy New Year!!

November/December 2017: Winter is Almost Here!

October 2017: Fall Term in Full Swing!

September 2017: Welcome (back) to York University and the Teaching Commons!

Summer 2017:  Summer is Beckoning!

May 2017: May – Teaching and Learning Month at York

April 2017: Lessons Inspired from the Classroom

March 2017: It’s not luck but it’s worth celebrating

February 2017: Who is Reading Week Really For?

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November and December 2015: Recognizing and Honouring Graduate Students

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September 2015: Welcome to the Teaching Commons

July and August 2015: Welcome Back Summer!

June 2015: Recognizing Graduate Contributions at York

May 2015: Celebrating Teaching and Learning at York

April 2015: Putting Winter Behind us and Welcoming Spring

March 2015: Professional Development

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January 2015: 2015 – A Fresh Start!

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November 2014: Taking the Initiative!

October 2014: A Spooktacular Start to the Semester

September 2014: Welcome to the Teaching Commons!!

August 2014: Gearing up for the Fall

July 2014: Summer in the City

June 2014: It is Heating Up, Both Outside and In.

May 2014: Celebrating TA Achievements at the Teaching Commons.

April 2014: Renew your Connection with Us.

March 2014: Develop and Share Skills of Teaching.

February 2014: Share the Love of Teaching and Learning.

January 2014: Welcome 2014!!

November_December 2013: Inspired Teaching.

October 2013: Are you beginning to ‘Fall’ behind? We have the perfect remedy!

September 2013: Welcome Back!  Getting Ready for Fall Term.