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Degree Options

Our Bachelor of Commerce Specialized Honours (4-year degree) offers a choice of specializations. With the choice of specialization (“stream”), you can customize the focus of your studies to best match your learning and career objectives beyond the core courses for the major. Interested in a 3-year degree? Our Bachelor of Commerce ordinary degree is the choice for you, offering the basic fundamentals of business disciplines.

All of our degree options focus on applying theory to real-world situations using a variety of methods including presentations, experiential exercises, case studies, simulations and more. With the help of our expert faculty, you will sharpen your critical-thinking, analytic, communication and leadership skills.

Below you will find nine stream options for the Specialized BCom Honours program and the three-year option. Whatever path you envision, you’ll have choices to accommodate your Bachelor of Commerce degree.


Students gain specialized knowledge in managerial accounting, income taxation, finance, auditing and analysis in addition to general business and management practices. The program prepares students for the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation.

Business Research

Students learn survey design, data collection and interpretation, quantitative measurement, market and decision analysis and information systems design.

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Business Technology Management

Students in the BTM specialization will acquire valuable knowledge and practical expertise about how Information and Communication Technologies could be used to effectively manage the opportunities and challenges faced by businesses today.

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Equip yourself with an action-oriented entrepreneurial mindset to overcome challenges in organizations and society. Learn to create value in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations by combining core commerce courses with courses focused on business and social perspectives.

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Students gain the knowledge and skills needed to work toward two major designations with the finance field: Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

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Human Resource Management

Students develop knowledge of all business disciplines while gaining specialized knowledge human resource management and managing people in organizations.


Prepares students to manage people and organizations by providing you with cutting-edge managerial knowledge and essential business management skills.

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Students gain practical knowledge in all aspects of the field, including product management, advertising and communications, market research and consumer behaviour.

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Supply Chain Management

Provides students with understanding of, insights on, and tools and techniques for the design, operation and improvement of activities and networks associated with the flow of materials, products and services, as well as relevant information, along the supply chain.

Ordinary Bachelor Degree (3-year)

The 90-credit program provides a comprehensive review of business disciplines, as well as general management practices in the Canadian business context.