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Faculty of Science Teaching Network

We often hear from instructors in FSc that they have questions about certain areas of teaching and learning, but they do not know who to turn to.

This page lists colleagues in the Faculty of Science at York, and the topics they are interested in chatting over coffee, virtually or in-person. It also provides links to resources offered through the Teaching Commons, other York University offices, and other academic sources.

Topic Details Resources Individuals (in alphabetical order by first name)

Meeting the needs of students with a variety of backgrounds and abilities

Faculty Resource Guide- Teaching Students with Disabilities [PDF] (York)

Blended and Online Learning (BOLD) Institute – Provide content in a variety of ways (York)

Blended and Online Learning (BOLD) Institute - Offer options for completing student work (York)

Blended and Online Learning (BOLD) Institute - Recognize the limitations of technology (York)

Active Learning

Worksheets, clickers, breakout rooms with Google docs

Strategies for on-campus learning: Active learning from anywhere [PDF] (York)

Teaching & Learning in Higher Education- Active Learning

Alternative Assessment

Not tests

A Guide to Alternative Assessments [PDF] (York)

Alternative assessments for remote teaching [PDF] (York)

OER as Alternative Assessment [PDF] (York)

Authentic Assessments

Assessments with application of what students have learned to a new situation

Authentic Assessments (eCampus Ontario)

Blended Learning

Combining online learning and face-to-face learning

Teaching through technology (York)

Designing blended and online learning with impact

Preparing for teaching online with or without synchronous components: A checklist of best practices and recommendations [PDF] (York)

Breakout rooms/small group activities

Think-pair-share, jigsaw, round robin, guided discussion

Using Small Groups to Engage Students and Deepen Learning [PDF]

BOLD Institute: Engage students with the content (York)

Community science

Also known as citizen science, scientific work undertaken by the public

Citizen Science York U Magazine Citizen Science (York)

Creating community within the classroom

Strategically fostering a keen sense of belonging in your learning space

Community Building in the Classroom

Blended and Online Learning (BOLD) Institute - Interact with students (York)

Blended and Online Learning (BOLD) Institute - Make space for student interaction (York)

Curriculum Mapping

The process of associating course outcomes with program‐level learning outcomes and aligning elements of courses (e.g., teaching and learning activities, assessment strategies) within a program

Curriculum Development (York)

Cyclical program review (quality assurance) (York)

Program-level expectations (York)

Experiential Learning

Learning through reflected doing

Experiential Education Faculty of Science (York)

Experiential Education Resources and Projects (York)

Introduction to experimental education: Online module (Access this module via this open enrolment eClass course) (York)

The Teaching Commons also offers consultations and services to support teaching and learning. Please feel free to each out to the Faculty of Science Liaison Yelin Su,

The Libraries have a wealth of resources, facilities and services available to York’s faculty members. See their Faculty/Instructor Support.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Ashley Nahornick at or Dr. Tamara Kelly at