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Sanctuary Scholars’ Bridging Program

The Sanctuary Scholars program offers an academic bridging course for students who hold precarious immigration status and who want to explore the possibility of university study while upgrading their critical thinking, reading, writing and speaking skills.

About the Program

For this program, the term ‘precarious immigration status’ is used to include students who are in the process of applying for permanent status in Canada through refugee claims, refugee appeals or judicial reviews, humanitarian and compassionate grounds applications, pre-removal risk assessments, or those who currently have no immigration status.


Course participants must be comfortable in both spoken and written English, since this course is not designed to be an ELL course.

Course Instructor

The instructor has been carefully chosen to be sensitive both to the needs of the community and to the academic standards of university-level education. This program is subsidized by York University and has no cost for students.

Course Completetion

A grade of 'B' or better offers admission to the Faculties of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies and programs at Glendon campus, in addition to some programs in other Faculties.

Bridging Course

Course Details

The Bridging course runs for 13 weeks, with classes held once a week for two hours. The course, Critical Theories of Migration and Uprootedness, is based in the Sociology department and provides an introduction to key concepts and debates in migration studies.

Course Content

Areas of discussion include migration theories; contemporary migration trends; debates about immigrant “settlement,” integration and multiculturalism; forced/refugee migration; gendered and queer migrations; and social movements. The course also provides an introduction to York University and its communities through tours, workshops and presentations.


For more information about the Sanctuary Scholars bridging course, or to register, please contact the program coordinator at