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Prof. Christopher Sweeney publishes graphic novel Feeling Weird on mental health

Prof. Christopher Sweeney publishes graphic novel Feeling Weird on mental health

By Anam Raheel

LA&PS sessional professor, Christopher Sweeney, Faculty of HRM, publised a new graphic novel titled Feeling Weird, which highlights youth dealing with mental health. Co-written with Sean Donaghey, with illustrations by Dave Shephard, the novel also contains helpful notes, strategies and links to online mental health resources.  

“We were inspired to write Feeling Weird because we saw a need for a book that youth would enjoy reading and relating to, by featuring empathetic characters going through real struggles and not painting them as victims or by minimizing the issues,” explains Sweeney. “The youth we spoke to wanted characters who were the heroes of their own stories and depicted that there was hope for them. Our book acts as a starting point for young people to share with educators, parents or health professionals the “weird” feelings they have.”  

Feeling Weird is published by Rubicon Press, and with support from crazy about Mental Health and mindyourmind. The book is available for purchase through the publisher and is recommended for use in schools, health facilities and social work settings or for anyone interested in a good story. 

“Feeling Weird is a compelling story about mental health and the complexities of teenage life. Edgy illustrations bring the story to life.” Dr. Kimberly Harris, Clinical Psychologist.

Christopher Sweeney has written 5 other graphic novels, in addition to podcasts, stage shows, and a variety of scripts, which have placed highly in international screenwriting contests. His comedy TV series, Parental Advisory, was a Finalist in the NSI Totally TV program with a related bravoFACT short film produced. He has co-created and written several comedy web series and has written for true crime TV.