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LA&PS ITEC Professor Arik Senderovich: Artificial intelligence and process mining

LA&PS ITEC Professor Arik Senderovich: Artificial intelligence and process mining

Photo of Arik Senderovich
Arik Senderovich

Dr. Arik Senderovich is an Assistant Professor (tenure-track) at the School of Information Technologies (ITEC) at York University. He is also a Research Fellow at the TD-MDAL (Rotman School of Management) where he supervises student projects and organizes professional events.

Arik’s research is mainly in the fields of artificial intelligence and process mining, where he is solving some of the most pressing challenges in business analytics. His current focus is on developing methodologies for prescriptive analytics in service systems, with the aim of transforming the way organizations make operational decisions.

Inspired by the power of data, Arik is dedicated to finding answers to key operational questions like "how can we improve patient care in hospitals?" and "how can we enhance the reliability of cloud services?" In his PhD, he introduced the concept of "Queue Mining" - a set of techniques that construct queueing models from event data using AI, with minimal human intervention. His innovative work has earned him numerous accolades, including the prestigious NSERC Discovery Grant, which supports the development of new Queue Mining methodologies for prescriptive business analytics. This research promises to bring about a new era of efficiency and effectiveness for organizations worldwide.

Arik's impact is not limited to just the academic community. In collaboration with experts from around the world, his work has the potential to revolutionize service systems such as hospitals, public transportation, and datacenters, bringing about meaningful change for the people who rely on these services every day.

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