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LA&PS Professor Adrian Shubert Awarded Connection Grant

LA&PS Professor Adrian Shubert Awarded Connection Grant

A headshot of Professor Adrian Shubert
Professor Adrian Shubert

Professor Adrian Shubert was awarded a SSHRC Connection Grant for a project titled “Phase 2 of 'Spanish Civil War: A Virtual Museum: Adding New Galleries and Content, Extending the Audience, and Developing Resources for Educators" (SCWVM). This is an outreach project whose overarching goal is to further extend knowledge exchange and dissemination about one of the most controversial and written-about events of the 20th century. The project will build on the core research team's prior achievement of the permanent Spanish Civil War: A Virtual Museum, the construction of whose five foundational galleries was aided by SSHRC support. Since opening in September 2022, the Virtual Museum has been visited by 66,000 people from more than 130 countries. 

Professor Shubert said that “this second phase will bring a major expansion. We will add a French version to the existing Spanish and English ones. We will add a number of new galleries to the original five, including the Open Gallery in which we invite members of the general public who have Civil-War related objects to send us a photo with a short text explaining what it is; how they came to own it; and what significance it holds for them.” 

In addition to the SSHRC grant, Professor Shubert and team have received support from the Embassy of Spain in Canada, the Mackenzie-Papineau Memorial Foundation, and the Baltasar Garzón International Foundation, as well as from York University Libraries, the Avie Bennett Chair in Canadian History, the Department of History, and LA&PS.