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Dean’s Award for Research Excellence

The Dean’s Award for Research Excellence (DARE) is a unique program giving undergraduate students the opportunity to engage in research projects with a faculty member. Over the summer term, students get hands-on experience and one-on-one mentoring while participating in a research project in their area of interest. A $5,000 stipend supports their participation in the project. Through the DARE program, students gain valuable experience, get a feel for what a career in research might involve, and are financially supported in the process!

Mahmood Khan

DARE Project: Inclusive Disaster Management in Canada
Program of Study:
 Disaster and Emergency Management
Project Supervisor:
 Aaida Mamuji

"As a disaster management student, DARE has provided me with the practical experience of conducting professional research. My professional portfolio has been greatly enhanced by my participation in this program. This experience will be greatly beneficial as I continue to seek employment opportunities in the disaster research field."

Joanne Ong

DARE Project: China’s Urbanization in the Urban Age: A Scenic Approach
Program of Study:
Project Supervisor:
 Cary Wu

"From DARE, I came to know that the desire to learn requires I be critical, persistent and focussed on the experience, not just exposed to the material. By reconsidering my outlook, I was able to transform my learning strategies and develop a greater sense of curiosity."

Emma Willert

DARE Project: Marx’s ‘Capital’: A Global History of Translation, Dissemination and Reception
Program of Study:
 Political Science and Sociology
Project Supervisor:
 Marcello Musto

"Through the DARE Program I have gained research experience that undergraduates rarely have the opportunity to earn. I highly recommend the program to motivated undergraduate students seeking opportunities to develop their academic skillset."