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Take Additional Credits (90-credit degree) Information Sheet

If you are trying to improve your average to meet the minimum standing in your program, have already taken the maximum 12 additional credits to do so but have not yet met the minimum, and have extenuating circumstances, you may petition to take additional credits. Find out more on how you can petition to take additional credits.

At a Glance

Legislation permits students to take a maximum of 12 credits beyond 90 earned in an attempt to earn the minimum standing required for a 90-credit degree.

The majority of 90-credit BA degrees require a minimum overall grade point average of 4.00.

Some professional studies majors BCom, BHRM, BPA and BDEM will require a minimum overall grade point average of 5.00 and a minimum major grade point average of 5.00.

If you have completed the additional 12 credits and have not earned the required average(s), then you may petition to take additional credits.


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Statement of Grounds

Statement of Grounds  - your personal letter - must clearly identify the intended program and major, and include a detailed, date-specific account of the extenuating circumstances which contributed to your not achieving the required standing, and the steps you will take to earn the required standing over your remaining credits.

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List of Courses

You must include a list of the courses you need or wish to take to fulfill all remaining degree and program requirements.

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Grades & Average(s)

If I want a more time - you must indicate the grades and average(s) you will need over those remaining courses to achieve the required overall GPA, and where applicable, the required major GPA.

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Documentation - evidence to support your statement of grounds - is essential. You will be required to provide original documentation to support the grounds of your petition. Students are not required to submit an Attending Physician’s Statement in support of requests for deferred standing or petitions. If you would like to submit an APS form to help support your petition, please include a completed Attending Physician Statement form (PDF) in your petitions submission.