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Adri Ananya

Adri Ananya

Adri Ananya

Photo of student Adri Ananya

DARE Project: Political Trust Among Racial and Ethnic Minorities
Program(s) of Study: Sociology
Project Supervisor: Cary Wu

I hope that this research helps policy makers in the North Americas take into account the variety of experiences (both positives and negatives) of the members of racial and ethnic minority groups with not just their communities, but also governmental institutions such as the police, when it comes to making and reforming rules and regulations pertaining to members of ethnic minority groups in America or Canada. 

Project Description:

Research on political trust among racial and ethnic minorities has focused on comparing and explaining the majority-minority difference in the level of trust. This study considers whether members of the minority groups may have a different understanding of political trust as compared to members of the majority group.

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