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Jasraj Khokhar

Jasraj Khokhar

Jasraj Khokhar

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DARE Project: Foreign Direct Investment and CEO Attributes
Project Supervisor: George Georgopoulos

Project Description:

While there are many studies which analyse the motivations of outward foreign investment (FDI), there is relatively little work which considers the extent to which the attributes of the CEO and the senior leadership team of a corporation influence decisions to undertake outward FDI. We will investigate attributes of the CEO and senior leadership team including degree of international experience, diversity, gender. These characteristics are in line with the Upper Echelon Theory (UET) of Corporate Leadership, which states that states that organisational outcomes are partially predicted by managerial background characteristics of the top level management team. Performance will be measured by the degree out outward FDI and firm performance outcomes such as market share, profitability, and return on equity.

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